Pre-review number 2 RoomsQuest – Platform 7 3/8

Location: Chester
RoomsQuest Platform 7 3/8.
Game Date 04/11/2016.
Team: Amy & Ian


We were lucky enough to be invited to RoomsQuest to preview (and beta test) their 3rd room, Platform 7 3/8. It’s always exciting to play a beta test, both for the player and room owner! Platform 7 3/8 opens on November 11th 2016!

“Having entered the door to Platform 7 3/8ths you find yourselves trapped in the depths of Chester Station. With walls over a foot thick you will have to have your wits about you as you find the clues, solve the puzzles and meet the physical challenges (no heavy lifting) to make good your escape to freedom and with only one hour before the Transport Police change shifts – the clock is ticking!”

This rooms theming was very detailed, with all the appropriate props and things you’d find in a station! There’s lot to look at and take in with this room, which sets the game up in great style, encouraging exploration! The plot unfolded throughout the game which was a lovely touch and a great plot twist! How fabulous too having a train station themed game inside a train station (trainstationception)

Game Play:
A lovely linear game with good puzzles that you can really get stuck into. The flow was lovely and at no point we felt like we hit a wall and had nowhere to go (don’t we all know this feeling!)
We enjoyed every puzzle in this room, even one that was a little frustrating (to me at least cause it wasn’t my forte!)
Totally different gameplay to RoomQuest’s Jailbreak room (and such a good thing to have 3 totally different styles of room!) So if you’ve played Jailbreak you’ll be amazed at the difference!
The puzzles were varied, with physical (but not exerting), wordy, maths & logic puzzles so everyone will find their strengths at some point in this game.
All the puzzles were perfectly on theme with the room too, and made sense together with the unfolding plot throughout the room.

Clue System:
Clues and Time will be delivered via a computer in the room (again, well within theme!)

Game Host:
Rob was our Game Host and for our game sat in with us (purely as the camera system was buggy, but this will be fixed by opening) and delivered our clues within the room! His clues were incredibly helpful, but not intrusive and delivered just at the right time! RoomsQuest are very helpful and I think they really like to see you escape!

Did we escape?
Yes, 3 minutes 25 seconds left!

Website: http://roomsquest.co.uk/
3 Players £48
4 Players £60
5 Players £70

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