Moviescape – Haunted House

Moviescape – Haunted House. Game Date 15/11/2016. Team: Amy & Ian


I happened across Moviescape through the weekly news & rumours on http://exitgames.co.uk/ always excited to try new venues, and with an impressive website and an interesting room theme, I booked straight away.
It’s always good to see a horror themed room, and one that promises REAL haunted props really piqued my interest (as well as scaring the crap out of me at the same time)
It’s a real strange thing that I get SO scared in escape rooms, yet I don’t scare easily at all in scare mazes… Oh for a psychiatrist to work that one out!

Using props sourced from real life Haunted Houses across the world, the HAUNTED HOUSE room is the best horror themed escape room you can have.

You are a group of Paranormal investigators sent to Crowley manor to investigate the disappearance of a previous Paranormal Investigation Team.”

The theming here was spot on, Moviescape’s creative team come from a rich background in film making, this absolutely shone through in the theming, nothing was out of place, and it even SMELLED right! An underscore, thematic lighting and sound effects all added to the immersion of the room, we forgot we were in an “escape room” at quite a few points in the game!
Some of the sets and props in the room had been used in films before and therefore we all perfectly authentic, the atmosphere created in the room was palpable, and really added to the theme, a haunted house it certainly was.
Oh…. the haunted objects.. well, I will not ruin the surprise of which items they are if you do play this room (and I highly recommend you do) – just let the owners tell you which are the haunted objects after you play! They certainly have some real history in that room!

Game Play:
The flow was pretty perfect, wonderfully linear, one of the best flowing linear games we’ve ever played, every puzzle was clear and concise and you knew exactly what lead on to what… we felt absolutely no frustration in this room whatsoever!
This is a lovely, lovely game to play. Perfect for beginners as all the puzzles have fantastic AH-HA moments, and there is a momentum that keeps rolling throughout the game throwing you deeper into the story (with the help of a fun gadget) and totally immersing you in the world that has been created.
The puzzles themselves aren’t brain-busting, but the clarity around them led to each puzzle being incredibly enjoyable. This room is as much about enjoying the story and theming as it is the puzzles, and the balance is fantastic!
I personally was even incorporated into the game in a way which completely freaked me out as on first inspection neither myself or Ian noticed it! (I won’t give away what it was in case Moviescape make it a permanent element in the room – it was PERFECT and really, really freaked me out something wicked and is a highlight that will stay with me for a long time!)

Clue System:
Clues are requested by ringing a bell within the room, and  are delivered via a disembodied voice  (we didn’t have any clues though, but the ghostly voice still tormented us me throughout the game!)

Game Host:
Carl was our game host and also a co-owner of Moviescape. His passion for horror & films shines, (and comes through in their room!) and his game hosting was friendly and welcoming. He clearly enjoys running the games and terrifying poor souls (like me) We stopped after the game for a long chat about all things horror/films/escape rooms/spooookyness and Carl is really enthusiastic and passionate about the escape room industry and his rooms. I can’t wait to see how Moviescape grows, and I especially can’t wait for the Sawtopsy room that is coming soon!

Did we escape?
Yes, with no clues (first team EVER) and we beat the record time! A fantastic result!

Website: http://www.moviescape.co.uk/
Prices are available by calling 0161 406 0276

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