Clue HQ Warrington – Bunker 38

THIS GAME IS NOW CLOSED (it is available to play at many other Clue HQ locations across the UK though)
Clue HQ Warrington – Bunker 38.
Location: Warrington
Game Date 13/12/2016.
Team: Amy & Ste


Very unfortunate timing on this game, I booked it a couple of weeks ago, but Ian was very poorly with a nasty tummy bug, so I enlisted the help of my friend Ste, who has played a fair few games himself, and joined us for Pirate Ship, Mission 60 and Treasure Hunter on that manic evening back in July!

“You’ve been living in an underground bunker for years due to a radiation leak. Now you’ve been given the all clear, but you’re locked in and oxygen levels are running low! With only 60 minutes of breathable air left, will you be able to escape in time?”

The story was incredibly detailed, and kept us enthralled throughout the in room “intro” the decor was quite plain. I feel the Clue HQ are like playing a real life “point and click” game, with enough detail and props to give you the feeling of being in a nuclear bunker, but it almost “breaks the 4th wall” and is very obviously a puzzle room with an overarching theme rather than a fully immersive experience, there is an amount of immersion, but not enough to take away the “we’re in a room where the goal is to open all the padlocks and escape” feeling. It was very stylistic, which I like as we know exactly what we’re getting when a brand has a specific style
The room was nicely decorated, with no red-herrings, everything in the room was used in or around the puzzles!

Game Play:
The game was fairly linear, with various paths leading to the end goal. The flow was decent, we didn’t get mind numbing stuck and there was no ambiguity whatsoever  There was a super mix of puzzles, from logic to maths, to physical and observational, it ticked every box! There was a lot to do in the room, and even though it contained my most disliked element in a room (a jigsaw) it wasn’t too much of a burden and everything else was a lot of fun!
It was clear that this was the original Clue HQ Game, the growth and development from Bunker 38 to Detonation is a joy to see!
Newbies will enjoy this room a lot, to a more experienced play the codes and puzzles are all escape room staples, but still a fun & enjoyable room all round.

Clue System:
Clues were delivered on a screen in the room with an appropriate sound

Game Host:
Lauren was our game host, she was chatty (I’m sure we could have chatted all night about escape rooms!!) and friendly, and VERY helpful! Delivering hints just at the right time, and truly playing the game with us, it’s clear she was on our side and knows the game inside out!

Did we escape?
Yes! 10:07 left!

2 Players £44
3 Players £63
4 Players £76
5 Players £85
6 Players £90

We look forward to our next visit to Clue HQ! They’ve plenty of rooms to choose from so we’ll be there again soon!

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