Code To Exit – The Dark Ages

Code To Exit – The Dark Ages.
Location: Altrincham
Game date 04/01/2017.
Team: Amy & Ian


It had been a good while since we went to Code To Exit, to play The Blueprint, May in fact (as we went to play the evening my parents were flying home from Florida!) so we were well overdue to play The Dark Ages!

“This game takes you back to the legendary Camelot. By revealing the secrets of the castle you will be able to defeat the power of the rock and rescue the mystical Excalibur, whose energy helps you on the ultimate goal to acquire the Holy Grail. You need team work, skills, and excellent power of observation to complete the mission otherwise you remain a small part of history”

Get in, get the sword, get the grail… job done!
A very novel theme, which we’ve not seen before and beautifully done, the room is lovely to look at, everything wooden and handmade. It would have been easy to go down the “dark, dank castle” route but this is more like a palatial setting, fitting for a King (it’s even got a throne!) Attention to detail is good, with small touches everywhere giving a polished finish to this room.
The charm of this room is it’s “hand-crafted” MONTHS of work went into creating this room, which makes me appreciate it even more!
The music in the room was themed too! Reminded me of being at the Dungeons in Blackpool!

Game Play:
The game takes place in the basement and the first challenge is getting IN to the room which is a lovely touch as the game isn’t about escaping, it’s about finding the Holy Grail!
Puzzles are mainly physical/skill based in this room, with only one real logic puzzle, which I unfortunately skipped a little bit (which I was sad about cause the bit I skipped contained one of my favourite type of puzzles)
There is a fair bit of searching in the room, but nothing too hard or frustrating. However, one puzzle really frustrated Ian, he did SO well completing it (I would have still been there now if I had to do it) but he felt he missed a bit of the room by just standing doing that 1 puzzle, this.
All the puzzles were very unique though, and again handmade! So very creative and most puzzles we hadn’t seen anything like before! A very “hands on” room which will test your skill, dexterity and patience!

Clue System:
Clues were delivered via a screen in the room.

Game Host:
Our Game Host was the owner of Code To Exit (we didn’t catch his name!)  and is so so proud of his rooms (and rightfully so!) we chatted for ages and he ran our game well, giving us a couple of nudges in the right direction!

Did we escape?
Yes! With about 10 minutes to spare!

Website: http://www.codetoexit.com
2 Players £36
3 Players £51
4 Players £64
5 Players £75
6 Players £84

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