Lockedinedinburgh – Animal Hospital

Lockedinedinburgh – Animal Hospital.
Location: Edinburgh
Game Date 01/02/2017.
Team: Amy & Ian


“Since closing its doors as a Vet School in 2011, Summerhall complex has become a thriving Arts Hub with many rooms being adapted to accommodate eclectic exhibitions, installations and shows. Some rooms remain empty, unused and abandoned or so we thought……….

The retired mad Professor Doctor C. Lion was never actually seen to hang up his lab coat when the school closed all those years ago.

Strange noises are rumoured to be heard late at night, coming from the old operating room. Is the doctor still experimenting? Could there be animals held there against their will?”

The theming was wonderful, Lockedinedinburgh is located in an old Veterinary school, so the room is about as authentic as you can get, drawing on the history of the building which you can feel as you’re playing and progressing through the game. The props are authentic, the sets are REAL the atmosphere is incredible and the immersion is fantastic, a really great room!

Game Play:
The game was very linear, and had a great flow to it, the puzzles were logical, and a lot of fun, with a mix of classic logic puzzles, math (but not to hard or convoluted) codes, ciphers and searching with a little tiny bit of physicality thrown in.
This game really harked back to retro puzzle solving and reminded me of a good old fashioned escape room on the computer, with one meta-puzzle taking a while to gather all the necessary components, but when it came together it was the stand out puzzle in the room and beautifully executed!
Newbies will enjoy the logical progression of this room, and enthusiasts will appreciate the time, effort & thought that has gone into this game.

Clue System:
Clues were delivered by a very well themed screen in the room, there is no alert sound so a keen eye will need to be kept on the screen throughout the game

Game Host:
Jackie was our Game Host, and the owner of Lockedinedinburgh, so passionate and enthusiastic about the industry, we could have talked all afternoon! She was so very accommodating to us, and ran our games with perfection.

Did we escape?
Yes.but it was a close call as our time was 55 minutes!!

2 Players £45
3 Players £55
4 Players £60
5 Players £70

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