Timed Trap – Serial Killer

Timed Trap – Serial Killer.
Location: Preston
Game Date 05/03/2017.
Team: Amy & Ian



“Jigsaw has returned! The brilliant mastermind behind the cruel identity is back for another round of his horrific live or die games. The serial killer has booby trapped a house for an unlucky group of unwilling participants. The house has been pumped with lethal nerve gas. You must try to dodge the traps so you don’t get killed and find the antidote to the nerve gas.

Can you escape the house in 60 minutes? gas or traps, make your choice…”

A good effort in this room with theming, again it was well finished and cleanly decorated and contained furniture and items which suggested they could be from Jigsaw’s house. I have a major, major problem with the lighting in this game, One room was lit by a red bulb, and the other a green. This made it near on impossible to see locks and enter codes, especially in the green-lit room, and after a short while I was starting to get a headache, Yes I understand that we could have got our phones out to use the torch, but we don’t like using our phones within games, a torch or 2 would be useful in this room…
This game did create more of an atmosphere that the other rooms at Timed Trap, with the room being suitably creepy and full of unnerving things and little surprises!

Game Play:
This is more like it! A classic style of escape room, with good logical puzzles, plenty of searching and no frustrating sticking points! As with what happens a lot of the time in “serial killer” style rooms, you are handcuffed to the floor to begin the game. The room was very linear, but it did have a good flow and every puzzle had a good clear answer to it, we found this room to be easy, as it was a typical escape room… Again the light situation could make the room harder, as trying to decipher a colour based puzzle in a red-tinged room is a bit of an annoyance.  It is a decent game that ticks all the boxes (and manages to not use a black-light!)
Enthusiasts would find this room extremely easy, I can’t recommend playing in any more than a 2 for this one! Newbies will enjoy this game!

Clue System:
Clues are delivered by the host coming into the room (maximum 4 hints) – We didn’t take any!

Game Host:
Again, we had the same Game Host as our previous game and she kept up the enthusiasm and delivered a great intro to the room!

Did we escape?
Yes. In 25 minutes… with no clues… our fastest yet, we just seemed to fly through this room.. I have very mixed feelings about a quick escape, one had I am congratulating myself and Ian on great team work and excellent puzzle solving, the other… I am feeling a bit cheated that there was not enough content to last the entire hour.

Website: http://www.timedtrap.co.uk
2 Players £44
3 Players £60
4 Players £76
5 Players £85
6 Players £90

Timed Trap quite often run Groupon/Living Social deals so keep a keen eye out and grab a bargain!

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