iLocked – The Mummy

iLocked – The Mummy.
Location: Nottingham
Game Date 30/03/2017.
Team: Amy, Ian & Jackie

ilockedm ummy.jpg

“In The Mummy, players get the chance to be Indiana Jones-type adventurers, trying to unravel the secrets of Egyptian papyri, escape the curse of an ancient pharaoh, and avoid being crushed by the pyramid’s moving walls.”

The theming in this room was excellent, clean, and well finished with no expense spared. An immersive game which puts you into an eygptian tomb, with sound effects, and lights that enhanced the game.

Game Play:
Game play was strictly linear, and fully automatic with not a padlock in sight. A game that relied on physical challenges more than mental (save for the excellent finale puzzle which included great logic and teamwork) this game is all about discovery, exploration and thinking outside the box. It certainly is different to most of the games we have played before and recently, leaving codes and locks aside and putting you into a scenario where hatches and doors open like magic! I hesitate to delve further into the game for fear of spoilers, but there are many twists, turns and exciting moments in this room which will surprise and encourage curiosity.
I would reccomend playing in a team of 3-4 for both experienced and newbie players alike

Clue System:
Clues were delivered via walkie talkie (Not the most ideal method as hearing the clues over the sound track was a bit tricky at times)

Game Host:
Marat was our Game Host and Owner of iLocked, he is clearly very proud of what he has created and a welcoming host! He read our game very very well, and delivered clues at exactly the right time to keep us on track!

Did we escape?
Yes, in 54 minutes!

Website: https://iamlocked.co.uk
Off Peak
2 Players £39
3 Players £55
4 Players £69
5 Players £79

2 Players £50
3 Players £65
4 Players £80
5 Players £95

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