Escapologic – Heistakes

Escapologic – Heiststakes.
Location: Nottingham
Game Date 31/03/2017.
Team: Amy, Ian, Kim & Jay


Well, it’s come to this… my 100th escape room, and I was so excited to be sharing it with the amazing staff at Escapologic playing their newest room Heistakes! Everyone who knows me will know how much I rave about Escapologic’s rooms!
So, onto the room and we’ll save the surprises for later!

“After a daring bank heist goes incredibly wrong, can you finish the job?

Five very different criminals were brought together to accomplish the impossible, break into the high security vault underneath Scelus Bank and steal whatever is inside. The operation did not go according to plan and the five have found themselves in police custody, on the run or even worse, dead!

Were they set up by the mysterious leader known as Xander and if so, to what end?

Now is your chance to assemble a crack team of your fellow criminals and take on the most heart stopping heist in history. Will you crack under the intense pressure or will you escape before the police turn up? Heistakes is our seventh room here at Escapologic Nottingham. Using an actual vault as the setting makes Heistakes one of the most realistic and immersive heist themed rooms in the country.

With the help of two anonymous hackers your task is to finish the job before the authorities return, the clock is ticking and you’re running out of time!”

Another room from Escapologic where theming was spot on! The initial impression was gritty, and WOW, with something I’ve never seen in an Escape room before (I am NOT going to put any spoilers as the best thing about Escapologic is the surprise and ingenuity within the room, and to say what was in the room would utterly ruin that!)
Once in the vault, the theming was even better with stark white clinical walls, such a contrast to all the other rooms! The finish was impeccable as normal, an the immersion was second to none, it’s so easy to get lost in another world and become the character within the story you’re experiencing in Heistakes, you really become invested in the story! The use of technology and soundtrack upped the immersion and at time pressure within the room.

Game Play:
Heistakes takes you on a journey of exploration, no ordinary escape room, it’s more of an immersive escape adventure where you have to do things that you would actually have to do in the real world if you were in situ. The puzzles definitely follow a linear storyline, and require more of a physical touch and critical thinking (especially outside the box)
Every single task was in theme, exciting and encouraged exploration.
The tasks are a lot of fun, and do require a lot of team work and communication. It’s difficult to outline all of the styles of task as they don’t follow any set rules of escape rooms, so to describe any tasks would again, be considered spoilers!
A great room for experienced players (I would say a team of 4) & New players alike. You can’t help but love the immersion and loose yourself in this game!

Clue System:
Clues were delivered via a hacker on the bank vault’s computer

Game Host:
Kynam Was our game host and he was great, delivering our brief with gusto and charm, he also gave us so much help within our game!

Did we escape?
No! Can you believe it, we got stuck on one very tricky part of the game… well, it happens but it really didn’t matter, I enjoyed the game and even though we failed, it was totally a fair loss, the room truly beat us!

Website: http://www.escapologic.com
Off Peak Prices
2 People – £ 40.00 (£ 20.00 pp)
3 People – £ 57.00 (£ 19.00 pp)
4 People – £ 70.00 (£ 17.50 pp)
5 People – £ 80.00 (£ 16.00 pp)
Monday – Thursday
11:30 – 19:00

Peak Prices
2 People – £ 50.00 (£ 25.00 pp)
3 People – £ 69.00 (£ 23.00 pp)
4 People – £ 84.00 (£ 21.00 pp)
5 People – £ 100.00 (£ 20.00 pp)
Friday, Saturday
10:00 – 20:30
11:30 – 19:00

So… you will have noticed up top that I was celebrating my 100th escape playing Heistakes, and boy did I get a surprise WITHIN the room there were 3 MASSIVE balloons spelling out 100! and when we came out the room, Simon was waiting with Sera (who is an escape room goddess with over 300 rooms under her belt) to celebrate my 100th with a massive Millie’s cookie, a trophy and a certificate…

I was so overwhelmed, honoured and surprised… I very nearly cried! It was such a special and unexpected surprise and a moment I will remember for a long time! Thank you again 🙂



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