Mission Exit – The Killer Code

Mission Exit – The Killer Code.
Location: Dukinfield
Game Date 04/04/2017.
Team: Amy & Ian



“You and your team have been locked inside the warehouse that is owned by a serial killer, realising that you’re next on the list you have to do everything it takes to break free and save yourselves from becoming the next victims.
Using logic, puzzle skills and brain power can you break the killers code as you find out more about him than he knows about you.

Mission Exit is located within a warehouse, which immediately gives the perfect setting for the serial killer’s lair, We were impressed with the theming and the SPACE, this has got to be the single biggest room we have played in, It was huge… and a little overwhelming at times! But the simple decoration and bloodstained walls really immersed us in the killer’s warehouse. This will be a great space for larger teams to explore, smaller teams may feel the space a bit imposing.

Game Play:
The game was strictly open, almost EVERYTHING was available to us at the beginning of the game. There was a lot of finding in this room, keys and codes galore and it’s about working out which codes are important to use. Some of the codes required small logic leaps, but nothing that was completely illogical. There is certainly a lot to do especially for smaller groups. The room isn’t as “puzzley” as I’m used to (and like, so that is subjective)  so this threw me a little bit, but the flow of the room does work nicely (and when we played the room was still in its testing period so puzzles may change slightly by opening) and there are a couple of nice puzzles to engage with throughout the game.
There is a nice piece of story telling in the game and details unfold throughout which is a good touch.
A good game for larger groups!

Clue System:
Clues were delivered via a screen.

Game Host:
Alex was our Host and also the owner, we chatted for AGES about escape rooms and it’s clear that he really enjoys playing and has put so much passion into his game!

Did we escape?
Yes, in 58 minutes.. it was a close one!

Website: http://missionexit.co.uk/
Price: We will update prices as soon as the website is back up and running!
2 Players £
3 Players £
4 Players £
5 Players £
6 Players £

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