Look Key Escape – Murder Motel

Look Key Escape – Murder Motel.
Game Date 28/05/2017.
Team: Amy & Ian

“You run a down trodden motel situated on Route 70 on the outskirts of Pittsburg, Kansas.
People come and go. Some use it as a pit stop as they head to better things. Some stay far longer than they had ever expected.
Sam has been renting room 130 for some time now. He keeps himself to himself but that’s the way you prefer it.
Recently he has caught your attention. His rent hasn’t been paid for over a month and he has been keeping unsociable hours, disappearing for days on end, hiding in the shadows and bringing young girls back to his room late at night.
Enough is enough. You decide to investigate, letting yourself into his room one night just after you see him leave.
But do you really want to discover the secrets that are hidden inside room 130?”

Theming was really good, everything you’d expect from a Motel in the 1970s.
Very immersive and just a little bit spooky, but not scary!
The room was well lit, spacious and clean. It told the story very well allowing us glimpses into the life Sam and what dastardly deeds he’s been up to. This is done partially through the puzzles and partially through the decor in the room, which is finished to a very high standard.

Game Play:
The game was strictly linear, with a brilliant flow and such a wonderful range of puzzles.
Logic, observation, searching, word, math, code-breaking. A whole range of puzzles led to an interesting and varied room, which will allow all members of the team to have their chance to shine!
Each and every puzzle had a great Ah-ha moment, were perfectly solvable and logical. Very well designed and a lot of fun!
The flow was excellent, the only time we stalled were on a couple of dodgy searches (on our part, as you know, we suck at searching) and the whole game built up to a beautiful finale puzzle that married both word and math skills in way we’ve never seen before. A great puzzle that will stay with us for a long time!
I would take a smaller group of enthusiasts, 2 or 3 so you get to experience each and every puzzle and have a hand in solving them all. For newbies, 4 or 5 would be a good number as there are some trickier puzzles that those with less experience may need an extra brain or 2 on.

Clue System:
Clues were delivered via a screen in the room

Game Host:
Kieran was our game host (and also the owner) and as well as being a great host, he is an enthusiast himself so we chatted for a while before the game! We’d have loved to have chatted for longer but we had to get off to our next game!
He ran our game wonderfully, only hinting when we really needed it and to help our failed searching.

Did we escape?
Yes, in 57 minutes!

Price: http://lookkeyescape.com
2 Players £40
3 Players £51
4 Players £60
5 Players £70
6 Players £78



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