Locked In Games – Nursery Nightmares

Locked In Games – Nursery Nightmares.
Location: Leeds
Game Date 28/05/2017.
Team: Amy & Ian



“For most people, their home is a place of safety and refuge. But what if the one place you should feel safe becomes your prison? For the Beechworths, their large Victorian house was a source of both pleasure and pride. But one fateful night, every one of their servants vanish without a trace, the doors and windows are locked tight and the family are trapped inside. No one knows for sure exactly what happened to the Beechworths in the hours that followed but by morning, only one member of the family had survived. Follow in the footsteps of nine-year-old Anna-Mae and see if, like her, you can escape before it is too late.”

Theming was good, with all the creepy toys and dolls you’d expect within an abandoned nursery, yet it wasn’t overly cluttered or full of red herrings.
The room was clean and light and plenty big enough for their maximum team size. It was a pretty immersive room.
The soundtrack was super, super creepy and really created a great atmosphere in the room. This room was the best themed “creepy kids room” theme we’ve played, everything fitted, the room was eerie and it felt just right.

Game Play:
A fairly linear game again, and quite a classic escape game with plenty of padlocks to open and codes to break. A good mix of puzzles which leaned more towards observation and codebreaking. All very logical and solvable.
This room is VERY search heavy, the main portion of this game was spent searching for things, this definitely kept us busy.
The only thing I didn’t like about this game was the jigsaw, as anyone knows, I do not like jigsaws in escape rooms. They’re just busy work. HOWEVER this jigsaw was not a red herring, it did play a part in the room so it can be forgiven (although it was tedious fixing it up)
Ignoring the jigsaw, this was a jam packed room with some lovely fun puzzles and a perfect “introduction” room – enthusiasts will fly (well if you’re like us, you’ll only slow down on the searching… we suck at searching) and will enjoy the ah-ha moments. Newbies will find it a little more of a challenge but it is a well designed room that will be forgiving on newbies.
I think a team of 3-4 is a good number in this room purely due to the masses of searching, a couple of extra pairs of hands will come in useful.

Clue System:
Clues were delivered via a screen

Game Host:
Our Game Host (Who’s name I have forgot!) was great he ran the game very, very well and again he was paying attention to us throughout the game and only gave us hints when we really needed them!

Did we escape?
Yes, in 54 minutes

Website: http://www.lockedingames.co.uk
2 Players £40
3 Players £45
4 Players £56
5 Players £65
6 Players £78

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