Lakes Escape – Baker Street

Lakes Escape – Baker Street.
Location: Workington
Game Date 10/06/2017.
Team: Amy & Ian

“A dead body will soon be discovered at the shipping docks.
A notorious gang of mysterious criminals known as the Baker Street Five held a secret meeting to plan their most elaborate heist yet. This meeting quickly took an unexpected turn and a minor disagreement escalated into a heated argument. Shots were fired, one crew member lay dead, the remaining crew members immediately fled the scene.
Can you decipher the clues and find out who the murderer is. One word of warning, the leader will be leaving the country within the next hour, so you’d better work quickly.”

The room was decorated beautifully, with real “wow” factor when the door was opened, the finish was wonderful and the room was clean and spacious. All the decor was in theme and there was enough decoration to give immersion but not too much to cause distractions and create red herrings.
The immersion was good, it wasn’t all encompassing (due to the nature of the puzzles) but it was a lovely room to spend an hour in!

Game Play:
A perfectly linear game, which was heavily based on word puzzles and code-breaking, with a bit of searching thrown in… this worked to my favour until I opened something too early in the game (Thanks to my anagram skills… this did NOT help our game, in fact it threw us off massively) The flow, even with our “early opener” was lovely, and every puzzle was logical, solvable and enjoyable.
This game could be hit or miss as if you’re a linguistic puzzle solver you will thoroughly enjoy it, however if you’re not it’s going to miss the mark on more than a few of the puzzles, purely as it’s so so word-based.
There are however some really interesting and unique puzzles in this room, the finale puzzle takes a lot of elements to all come together at once and is a toughie to finish the game on!
I would take lots of brains for this game, newbie or enthusiast, we certainly could have done with an extra brain in our team for this room!

Clue System:
Clues were delivered via a screen in the room.

Game Host:
Carol and John were our game hosts (and also owners of Lakes Escapes) and they couldn’t have been lovelier, so very warm and welcoming and willing to chat to us, John delivered the brief and story of the game with ease. It’s clear they love hosting the games!
Carol ran our Baker Street game and helped us so, so, so much (even though she must have had a mini heart attack when I opened the box too early!) Her clues were spot on, delivered at the perfect time to stop us getting frustrated, very skilled game hosting!

Did we escape?
Yes… and no… lemme explain this one, we were incredibly close to solving the last puzzle as we hit 60 minutes, so we had a few minutes “bonus time” just to finish off… so yes we escaped, but our time was slightly over!

Website: http://www.lakesescapes.co.uk/
2 Players £44
3 Players £60
4 Players £72
5 Players £80
6 Players £90

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