Escapism – The Missing

Escapism – The Missing.
Location: Chester
Game Date 06/07/2017.
Team: Amy & Ian


“Some people enter the forest to never be seen again… What happens to them and why can they never be found?

Their last known location has always been the same. You and your friends have been sent to explore the area to try and investigate the missing. Can you solve the mystery of The Missing or will you too be lost forever?”

The theming in this room was super, detailed and immersive. The attention to detail really wowed me, especially in the Cabin itself, that was finished to such a high standard, and was beautiful. The whole cabin was build from the ground up in timber. Very impressive!
Whilst not the biggest of game areas, it never felt cramped or crowded (although I could imagine it being a squeeze with 5) and was well lit
The only thing I didn’t really like, or understand a reason as to why it was carried out, is that we were blindfolded going into the room. This seemed unnecessary. The room would have been just as impressive had we walked in without the blindfold on!

Game Play:
A beautifully designed game that weaved between linear and open… probably leaning a little bit more towards being an open game, with moments where there were a few things to do at once!
The puzzles covered all bases, riddles, word, physical, tactile, observation, teamwork, maths. There were so many different types and each and every single puzzle had a brilliant AH-HA moment that was perfectly logical. An absolute joy to play.
The game had a wonderful flow that never ever stopped. (The only time WE stopped as a team was when we missed something blatantly obvious!)
The game play was slightly story driven, in that you discover more as you go on through the puzzles but not enough to become distracting or tedious.
This game is about discovery, and boy does it deliver, upon every turn there’s something to open, look inside and get stuck into. An incredibly enjoyable game with tons to do!
Enthusiasts, take a 2, work hard and enjoy the puzzles for their clarity and logicalness. Newbies, get a few games under your belt first and take a team of 4!

Clue System:
Clues were delivered via a screen (that in the cabin was wonderfully themed)!

Game Host:
Laura (I think, please correct me if I’m wrong Escapism) was our host and was wonderful, delivering a full and competent brief, and cluing us incredibly well! Leaving us to figure stuff out but nudging us when needed! (we did only take 3 clues!) Excellent game hosting.

Did we escape?
Yes! In 53 minutes.

Website: http://www.escapismchester.co.uk

Off Peak:
2 Players £36
3 Players £45
4 Players £56
5 Players £60

2 Players £40
3 Players £48
4 Players £60
5 Players £70

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