Exploring Escape Rooms – What makes a good Game Host?

What makes a good Game Host?

Game Hosts are SO very important to an escape game, and the entire experience. A good game host can make or break a game, can bring a bad game up and drag a good game down. So, as a reviewer and enthusiast what do we look for in a good game host. There are 3 main areas.


A Game Host is the face of an escape room company, they’re the first person you’ll meet… the person who guides you through the room, and the person who concludes your game and sees you out the door.
Being friendly and personable is a MUST! There is nothing worse than a Game Host that is disinterested, impersonal and “just doing a job” – reciting the “script” with no vim and vigour.

So important… In my opinion, a game host with passion for playing games has a better, deeper understanding of how to host a game and tailor it to individual teams.
There is nothing better than playing a game and then afterwards having an enthused game host who wants to chat about other games and their experiences too! To come out of a game and have a host that is just focused on getting you out the door is a bit of a let down (I totally understand if time is tight however!)
Passion is a key factor, a Game Host without passion is like pasta without sauce. Bland.

A game host has to be 100% focused and attentive on your game, when this falters, the game quickly goes south and becomes unfocused and confusing. This trickles down to correct clue delivery, when the Game Host knows where you should be up to a mis-timed or late clue can make or break a win/loss!

So with all that in mind, what makes the perfect Game Host. Well that is such a open ended question, but tick all three boxes with us and you’re well on the way to being the perfect host!


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