The Escapement – Egyptian Exodus

The Escapement – Egyptian Exodus.
Location: Margate
Game Date 22/08/2017.
Team: Amy & Ian


“You are archaeologists, excavating the lost tomb of Ramsess iii, so far, all of those who have entered the tomb have not returned. The tomb is guarded heavily by Anubis, God of the underworld.

Grave diggers and previous archaeologist have been rampageous in their efforts to discover the lost tomb, the whole crypt is in diss aray.

Do everything you can to help Anubis and please the gods. But be careful, we know that Anubis is easily angered.

Your mission is to find and restore the missing canopic jars and allow the pharaoh to pass safely into the afterlife in order to make your escape.”

SAND! TOMBSTONES! HEIROGLYPHS! Wow, again, we were wowed by the immersion and set design in this large and airy room. The skill and passion that has gone into this game is clear from the moment you set eyes on the outside of the room, let alone this inside! It really is incredibly pretty, and just the right detail level to give immersion but not create ANY red herrings. A really cleverly decorated room, and just gorgeous!

Game Play:
This game is a brain scratcher for sure, a fairly open game which uses a raft of puzzles to engage sight, sound, smell.
Using logic, codebreaking, searching (in a unique way) and manual/physical tasks, this room is incredibly engaging and what starts off as a fairly barren looking room so opens up to reveal its secret, puzzles and tricks.
The flow was good in the main part, there were a few moments where we were a little bit lost, but some critical thinking got us back on track.
The puzzles are in the main incredibly logical, although with a couple you do have to work hard to come to those logical conclusions… the work comes from having to fit 2 or 3 elements of one puzzle together, and you’re very much left along to connect the dots to create the ah-ha moments that are so rewarding once reached.
A fantastic room that delivers some stellar puzzling and completely threw me for a loop as it was quite different to the usual escape room standard!
Enthusiasts, expect the unexpected and work hard, Newbies… take a big team and enjoy the ride!

Clue System:
Clues were delivered via voice over!

Game Host:
Mica and Dave were our gamehosts (how lucky were we having 2 hosts!), Misha also is the owner of The Escapement. They were wonderful, only delivering subtle nudges in the right direction when needed, they were so warm, welcoming and willing to chat about all things escape rooms!

Did we escape?
Yes, in 56 minutes!

Website: https://escapementmargate.co.uk/
2 Players £40
3 Players £55.50
4 Players £74
5 Players £82.50

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