The Panic Room – Defective Detective

The Panic Room – Defective Detective.
Location: Gravesend
Game Date 22/08/2017.
Team: Amy & Ian



“There has been a murder! However a bumbling detective has come to the completely wrong conclusion.Time to undo his work and fix the ridiculous trail of mistakes he left behind and hopefully find out who the real killer was before he hands in his case at Police HQ.

Quite possibly one of the most ridiculous investigations you might find yourself on, expect lots of laughs and surprises along the way! This is one you really won’t want to miss!”

Wow! Defective Detective’s theming starts from before you get into the actual escape room. An incredibly immersive set that could well have been an ACTUAL apartment, it is big enough, and kitted out fully… and is designed just so that the attention to detail left me thinking that they had just put an escape room into a real flat! (Turns out they hadn’t!) The room is HUGE airy and well lit and would easily fit a large group in there. Excellent design all round, this was almost as immersive as it gets!

Game Play:
The game contained a wealth of wacky, yet totally logical problems present in a “murder mystery” setting. Defective Detective takes well known Murder Mystery escape room tropes, and tweaks them in their own style to give a fanciful comedic take on the genre.
The game used a host of different puzzles, logic, word, observation, codebreaking. The aha moments came thick and fast down to the flawless nature of the flow of the room. There were no weak spots in flow, or leaps of logic, and for a room that’s only been open a little over the week at time of writing that is a wonderful thing!
Each and every puzzle was enjoyable, and the plot running throughout is silly, jovial and doesn’t take itself seriously, and this is reflected in the puzzles…
I won’t spoil the ending, but I’ll just say…. It’s BRILLIANT!
A great game is just to be enjoyed, enthusiasts will get a kick out of the subversion of the genre whilst newbies will just enjoy the whole thing!

Clue System:
Clues were delivered via walkie talkie, and a special detective mobile phone! This just added to the immersion

Game Host:
Shereen and Luke were our game hosts, and were just fantastic, prompting us when needed and always there to report back on any intel and ifor we found in our detectiving. (That is a word, I made up…)
They were both so friendly and passionate about their jobs! The Panic Room has a fabulous raft of game hosts!

Did we escape?
Yes! in 48 minutes!

Price: https://www.thepanicroom.net/
2 Players £40
3 Players £57
4 Players £70
5 Players £80
6 Players £87.50
7 Players £95
8 Players £100

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