The Panic Room – Million Dollar Date Night

The Panic Room – Million Dollar Date Night.
Location: Gravesend
Game Date 23/08/2017.
Team: Amy & Ian


“Escape room meets game show, our 2 player only experience is set to be one of our most ridiculous yet. A wall of crazy puzzles in front of you and 60 minutes on the clock it’s a true test for those wanting a challenge or just a fun crazy challenge! Each puzzle gets you poker chips, each poker chip gets you money.

But…against the clock, can you win big or walk away empty handed? Find out on your episode of Million Dollar Date Night!”

So, a wall of crazy puzzles it says in the info… and boy does it deliver. It is literally a wall, in a brightly lit, manically decorated room of locked boxes. Garish and glitzy, just like Saturday night TV! The soundtrack adds to the excitement! I certainly is totally different from the normal story driven rooms at The Panic Room. It’s ALL about the puzzles and poker chips!

Game Play:
MDDN is strictly a 2 player game, a test of skill, and puzzle solving prowess.
Time is not a factor in MDDN, the aim is so solve as many puzzles as humanely possibly in 60 minutes.
HOLY MOLY I have never seen such an array of puzzles, If I listed them here we’d be forever, let’s just say that if you can think of a puzzle type, it was in there!
The game was utterly open, which was fantastic as if you get stuck on a puzzle you can put it down for a bit and then swop, or come back to it later.
We bounced around the wall for the entire hour, not once did we stop for the entire hour, we were solving puzzles until 4 seconds before the clock stopped! WOW. WOW. WOW. (For someone who values puzzles so much in escape rooms, this room was heaven to me!)
So an unusual game, with no flow to speak of due to its nature, but there were still moments where puzzles led to others and in these moments the flow was excellent!
Wacky, zany, unadulterated fun!

Clue System:
Clues, if you choose to ASK for one (and loose money in the process) were delivered on screen (we did not ask for any, competitive much?!)

Game Host:
Our game host went by the Moniker “Bountiful Baps!” She was fun, super friendly and got right into the spirit of MDDN!

Did we escape?
Well, escaping isn’t the goal, but we did win £1.5 MILLION! Earning us 2nd place on the leader board (behind the inimitable team of Sera & Sharan… S2)

Website: http://www.thepanicroom.net
2 Players £40

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