Farmaggedon 2017 – Halloween begins early!

Farmaggedon Press Night.
Location: Ormskirk
Ghoul Date 12/09/2017
Lost Souls: Amy & Ian

So, for the last 4 years I have been on the other side of the fence when it comes to Farmaggedon’s press night, scaring the press, celebs and friends/family of my fellow actors silly on the 2nd Tuesday of September.
Due to injury, Farmaggedon was a no-no for me this year, and how I miss the scaring, so thanks to a lovely friend I secured some tickets to Press Night to see the scares from the other side!

Farmaggedon is situated at Farmer Ted’s in Ormskirk, but forged in hell. There are 3 main scare attractions (more about them later), Zombie Outlaw and free roaming characters to have picture with if you’re brave enough!

Overall Atmosphere:
Farmaggedon has a huge central courtyard area, consisting of toilets, and eateries and photo opportunities. This is all undercover and leads to each scare maze and Zombie Outlaw. This is also where you will find all the roaming characters that are always willing to have a selfie or 2!



The central hub had fire dancers (which we saw but didn’t get any pics) and huge animatronics looming that come to life when you least expect it!

Scare Mazes:

Contagion is a 3D psychological haunt that messes with your senses and leaves you wondering which way is up! The maze is accessed through Freak Street, which is a new addition this year and what a good addition, making more of the Farm undercover and giving a whole new stage for more dancers and entertainment should the queues get too long. So, in the maze there are clowns a plenty, with the clever use of UV lights and UV reactive paints, clowns and monsters seemingly pop out the walls and up from the floor. The maze is HUGE and seemingly goes on for ever and ever! Throw in the disorientating visuals and the creepy soundtrack and you’ll be jumping and screaming at every twist and turn! Not to mention the exhilarating ending which surly sends people running!

The Meat Locker:
The Meat Locker is a staple blood ‘n’ guts horror house and tells the tale of Malachai and his minions, who are continually baying for your blood as you make your way around the maze of corridors and rooms. With great set design, especially in Malachai’s room itself (the actor playing Malachai was superb, playing his part with malice, and really imposing his character within the room), the kitchen and the beginning of the maze….but be warned, this house is not for the squeamish as there are numerous dead bodies, slaughtered animals and lots of blood!

Terror on the Farm (featuring the foundry):
Terror on the Farm is the Farmaggedon classic, the staple house that has been around since Farmaggedon’s inaugural year. Terror harks back to the classic horror delivering a cornucopia of fear. Terror begins with The Foundry, a dark twisted place where tormented souls are molten away, there are some super effects in this part with sparks flying and saws whizzing! It really gets the pulse racing before the main event. Terror takes us on a journey from the realms of a dragon, through a voodoo swamp, to a cursed libary and then to hell and back. Excellent set design in every single scene, enthusiast actors and plenty of disorientating strobe lights, sound effects and HUGE animatronics give Terror on the Farm the spooktacular title it deserves. The jewel in the Farmaggedon crown

Zombie Outlaw:
What is better than getting on a bumpy old trailer and pelting some pesky zombies with paintballs…
Farmaggedon debuted Zombie Outlaw in 2015 and the even has got bigger and more streamlined each year. Boarding the double decker trailer we loaded up our ammo and went zombie hunting. The trailer slows down at appropriate points to let you aim and fire! Ably lit up under UV lights, the zombies and painballs glow in the dark and if you’re lucky you might keep them off the trailer! The tour is made fun by a trailer-guy who ramps up the crowd on board and gets you ready to fire your load! Lots of fun and something different (and no chance of getting shot back at either!)

Street/Free Roaming Characters:
Along with all the zombies & monsters there’s a heap of roaming monsters for your entertainment. They’re all excellent, and ramp up the scares on unsuspecting guests, leaving no area of Farmaggedon safe!

Scare Factor:

3/5 bloody handprints. You’ll Scream, You’ll cry but you probably wont die.

Website: https://www.farmaggedon.co.uk/

Ticket Cost:

SCARE HOUSE ONLY from £16.00 to £22.00
SCARE HOUSE & ZOMBIE OUTLAW from £26.00 to £32.00

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