Enigma Rooms – Voodoo

Enigma Rooms – Voodoo.
Location: Sheffield
Game Date 24/09/2017
Team: Amy & Ian


“Legba is one of the principal and most revered in Haitian Voudoun. Although now transformed to the aspect of an old man, he is still the powerful Guardian of the Centerpost, and the “Opener of the Gates” to whom first salutation is due in any ceremony of communication with the Voodoo King.”

What a unique theme! I have a fondness for anything voodoo themed (in fact, Death Water Bayou was one of my favourite Scare Mazes last year, at Busch Gardens) So with that being said, I was excited to explore some voodoo escaping!
The room itself was well decorated, with nice touches of voodoo masks adorning the walls and bamboo lining the walls, making you feel you were in a voodoo hut!
The room wasn’t massively immersive, but it set the scene well and there was a tense air in the room throughout the game, complimented by a spooky soundtrack playing throughout.
The room wasn’t particularly large and I can imagine any more than 4 people treading on each other toes, especially in the early stages in the room!
The room itself is quite dark, and I found myself struggling to see at points when Ian and I were working on different things, as there was only 1 torch provided. This didn’t last too long though as the game does lighten up after a while.

Game Play:
A very open game, there are multiple paths to take through this game, except for the start! One of the team is “The Chosen One” – That was me… and it meant a surprise for me later in the game! This has got to be on of the best split start games we have played  (although not as good as Spellbound! I don’t think anything will beat that wonderful puzzle)
I digress, the opening to Voodoo fostered teamwork and co-ordination, which really worked incredibly well and set the bar for the rest of the game, it was also a lot of fun!
The game itself then opened up into the main area, the puzzles were good, fairly logical for the most part. Focusing mostly on logic, observation & codebreaking with a couple of  physical puzzles thrown in.
With nice Ah-ha moments when we jumped over the little logic leaps. In all honestly we only found this in 1 puzzle which we struggled with the logic of.
The flow was OK, as with some open games the flow can be a little stop start, and whilst it wasn’t smooth as I’d like, there’s still a good flow to be found within the game and it is enjoyable with some really lovely logical puzzles.
Unfortunately there were a couple of red herrings placed into the room, but they weren’t obtrusive and didn’t serve to waste time or slow you down, they were more placed for distraction tactics, and as soon as you realised what the were, you can just ignore them and move on!
I would recommend no more than 4 for any team mainly due to the size constraints of the room!

Clue System:
Clues were delivered via a screen

Game Host:
Chris was our Game Host (and the owner!) and his enthusiasm and passion for his rooms shows, he ran our game so well and gave us lots of nice hints and ran our game really well

Did we escape?
Yes, in 51 minutes!

Website: http://www.enigmarooms.co.uk/sheffield/
2 Players £40
3 Players £48
4 Players £60
5 Players £65
6 Players £72

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