Scare Attraction – Contained Chamber of Horrors

Scare Attraction – Contained Chamber of Horrors.
Location: Liverpool
Ghoul Date 08/10/2017
Lost Souls: Amy & Ian

Getting there and Parking:
Contained was a little tricky to find, but a small sign led us to a warehouse on and industrial estate, with free parking!

Overall Atmosphere:
The outside wasn’t too scary, there was a scary clown walking round outside, and friendly helpful stewards checking tickets and taking care of proceedings.

Scare Mazes:
Containment only had one Scare Maze, in its inaugural year called “Chamber of Terror” – it was an extended length  scare maze, lasting about 15-20 minutes.
There wasn’t a distinct storyline, this was more of a sample platter of horror and contained everything you need to scare at least 1 member from each group!
The scenes covered all the basics of horror, pigs, cannibals, dolls, clowns, Ouija boards, demonic beings, dentists and my favourite worst fear “the exorcist”.
Each scene was meticulously planned out to maximise the scare factor, with most actors following a set script , and left you feeling genuinely uncomfortable (especially the dentist, I don’t know how someone so petite could be so damn scary!)
The standard of acting was exceptional, with well thought out and developed characters who had motives and reason behind their scares (rather than just someone screaming at you or making you jump) and each and every performance was met with maximum energy and gusto. There was not one weak actor in the entire performance!
The sets were beautifully detailed, with lighting, sound and smoke effects that aided the immersion and storytelling. You instantly knew where you are in each scene which is so important in this kind of “snapshot” scare maze.
We were left with our hearts in our mouths, thoroughly exhilarated and entertained (and a little bit scared!)
A little gem in Liverpool, albeit a short experience. We hope they get the audience they deserve and continue to grow next year.


Street/Freeroaming Characters:
Due to its location Contained didn’t have hordes of roaming characters, but we did meet a clown called Bogus, who was very entertaining and a bit menacing.


Scare Factor:
4 handprints
4 bloody hands. Disturbing.

Website: https://www.containedliverpool.co.uk/
Price: £15pp

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