Scare Attraction – Scare Kingdom 

Scare Attraction – Scare Kingdom.
Location: Preston
Ghoul Date 12/10/2017
Lost Souls: Amy & Ian

Scare Kingdom is located just outside Preston about 10 minutes from the M6. Easy to find with ample free parking

Overall Atmosphere:

Scare Kingdom is a bit different to other scream parks as you don’t encounter the bar/social area until the end of the tour. Each haunt is consecutive and there is a set order you experience them in. Once you’re in there are no loos until the end of the tour, So make sure you go before you get scared.

There is a full bar and hang out area at the end of the tour and this is a great area to mingle with the scary characters (unfortunately we didn’t see any this year) it’s also a prime viewing spot to see people come out of psychomanteum, the up-charge solo haunt that delves into the more sexual side of the scare. I did this haunt a few years ago and let’s just say… Once was enough.

Scare Mazes:

We were met by a killer clown… killer to start the night, a clown bounty hunter so to speak… who warned us of clowns on the loose and joked with us before unleashing his own brand of punishment – we felt this lacked a true scare as you can hear what’s happening when waiting to go in. It was also missing an actual clown!

High hopes hospital:

The doctors have been playing with DNA and the patients are the twisted results of their experiments..  an action packed house with scares from the moment we stepped in. Coupled with excellent acting and detailed gritty sets this house really set the standard for the night. High hopes also used and effect we’ve never seen before with lasers and fog, to create a truly memorable moment and a disturbing scare!

One can’t fail to not be impressed by the scope and detail of the sets in manormortis. A beautiful maze, with some of the best dressed rooms we’ve seen in the UK

Excellent actors with scares and comic timing bring this eclectic house together to create an immersive tale and a suitable creepy experience

The introduction to this house was excellent with the story being delivered by a capable actor who played his part with vigour. Then it all fell flat. Bare black walls and 5 minutes of vampires growling  snarling and screaming at us did nothing to scare or inspire… And we left feeling empty and dissapointed.
Body snatchers:

We were greeted outside by a strange doll like creature who through audience participation and dance kept our group entertained and amused until it was our time.

Lavish sets, fantastic actors, perfect humour. This house had it all. The tension and atmosphere was captured perfectly and the timing of some of the scares was sublime. A truly unique and enjoyable house
Black widow:

Greeted again by another brilliant actor (where do they get these actors from they’re all incredible) we were told the tale of the black widow… Then hooded. It gel like not much had changed from last year except the actors were just hissing and shouting “spiders” in our ears… we came out of black widow feeling disappointed again. There were some good sensory moments but overall it missed the mark with our group
Overall Scare Kingdom packs a punch with its first class sets, attention to detail and heavily story driven, narrative focused haunts which create a fully realised world and throw you in there for a spell. Coupled with stellar acting, and a comedic spin, Scare Kingdom could easily be the dirtier, scarier and funnier older brother of the dungeons!

An excellent attraction which is not to be missed this Halloween!

Website: http://www.scarekingdom.com



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