Game Over – Jack The Ripper

Game Over – Jack The Ripper.
Location: Derby
Game Date 15/10/2017.
Team: Amy, Ian & Jane

I’m going to preface this now by saying that we escaped this room in 19 minutes. Yes. NINETEEN stinking minutes. Now I am not one for wanting to beat times or go for the record (although it is nice when it happens) but 19 minutes to complete a room is utterly ridiculous.
Yes, rooms can’t cater to enthusiasts, and yes Myself, Ian and Jane are experienced players but to finish a room in sub-20 minutes when we have an average escape time of 45-50 seems to me that there is a a disturbing lack of content within the room….
Read on to see if those 19 minutes were enjoyable….


“London, 1880. Another girl was murdered last night. Mary was butchered. The streets are empty, all are kept away by fear. Yet if the evidence I hold in my hands is correct, perhaps these clues can put an end to the Ripper. It’s up to us now, only we can do this… We’re coming for you, Jack”

The theming was gorgeous, really beautiful, as the picture above shows (this was taken in the room itself) and there has obviously been a lot of attention to detail within the crafting of the room, the atmosphere was good, with an eerie vibe running through the room, allowing for immersion.
The space itself is adequate, and I would see a group of up to 5 being comfortable in the space.
A really lovely take on the victorian theme, simply done with excellent quality in the set build.

Game Play:
A strictly linear game, that contained a fairly decent variety of puzzles, although they weren’t that great in number. They were perfectly logical, solvable and enjoyable. Unfortunately for us we just fell into a rhythm and flew through them all, getting the answers and sailing through.
The puzzles ranged from physical, to logic, observation and word. There is something for each team member to do within the game and it will surely appeal to a lot of people.
The flow of the game was excellent, as it was so linear each puzzle seamlessly led to the next and there was never any discrepancy on which lock to input a code into. There was good use of tech in the room, with it all being used in a manner that complimented the theme and time period.
An excellent introductory room, newbies will have fun… enthusiasts… try one of their harder rated rooms!

Clue System:
Clues were delivered via an iPad in the room. We didn’t use any…

Game Host:
Unfortunately I didn’t get our game hosts name, but she was friendly and polite

Did we escape?
Yes… in 19 minutes. It was an enjoyable 19 minutes I suppose!

2 Players £42
3 Players £60
4 Players £73
5 Players £85
6 Players £90

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