The Escape Room Guys – A Rough Trade

The Escape Room Guys – A Rough Trade.
Location: Derby
Game Date 15/10/2017.
Team Amy, Ian, Jane, Phil & Philly.

Ahead of the conference there were a lot of owners out and about playing games, when the opportunity arose to tag along with Jane and meet Phil, and Philly


“You’ll need to break into the office of the CEO to reveal the history and secrets of a company with a scandalous past. With just 60 minutes to unlock the truth, does your team have what it takes to bring the company to justice?”

Office theme is frequently ridiculed by enthusiasts, as they can all too often be dull, dank, dingy and not very well executed.
All the negative connotations were squashed when we walked into A rough Trade, we found a large, bright airy room, with good furniture and a true sense of “office” done really well, rather than someone just lobbing a load of old tat furniture into a room and shoving some padlocks on.
The immersion was such that we felt encompassed by the theme and story and as we delved further into the game we soon found out more about the company and dirty dealings it was holding.

Game Play:
A game that was mainly open, with some very clever linear moments at important points in the game. The puzzles were incredibly varied and suited each and every one of us at some point in the game. Logic, Codebreaking, Searching, Observation. An excellent selection which kept us all busy for the duration of the game. To keep 5 enthusiasts busy at one time is quite a feat!
One standout Meta Puzzle was a treat, and at one point had 4 of us working on it at one time each doing different things, using elements that had teased us since the start of the room! I really enjoyed this moment in the game!
Some of the puzzles may be ones that enthusiasts have seen before, but they are slick, enjoyable and all have lovely ah-ha moments, and the collection element was a nice touch.
The flow was excellent and there was not 1 moment where we got stuck or even stalled, wonderful game design which must have been tweaked and honed since “The Escape Room Guys” have been opened.
A great game for beginners, the clarity in the puzzles will aid in learning what escape rooms are all about and it is truly family friendly.
Enthusiasts, take a small group! An enjoyable game that you’ll want to live every moment!

Clue System:
Clues were delivered via a screen

Game Host:
Jon and Adam were our game hosts, and they were just fab! Friendly, passionate and happy to chat to us all for a good while

Did we escape?
Yes, in 24 minutes another quick time, but this time was down to the amount of experience in the room, not lack of content!

Website: http://www.theescaperoomguys.co.uk
2 Players £40
3 Players £54
4 Players £64
5 Players £70


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