Norris Box – Kidnapped

Norris Box – Kidnapped.
Game Date 15/10/2017.
Team Amy & Ian.


Norris Box are a bit different from the norm as they are mobile escape games! Jane Norris created the Norris Box in 2016, inspired by escape rooms, she wanted something that could be taken out and about, bringing an escape room to you!

We were lucky enough to try Norris Box’s mini game “Kidnapped” a 15 minute taster of what the Norris Box is all about.


“Your friend has been kidnapped and locked away in a derelict house. Their captor has offered you the chance to save your friend, but only if you can solve his dastardly puzzles within fifteen minutes.  The clock is ticking.”

Kidnapped is presented in a dolls house, and with a little bit of imagination and suspension of disbelief we shrunk ourselves down and embraced the “magic” – The dolls house was gritty, abandoned and kitted out in such a way that really complimented the theme and puzzles. The mini game runs for 2-4 people and I think this is a perfect number!

Game Play:
A neat little game that consisted of code breaking, logic, observation and even “physical” challenges! As with it being a 15 minute game there was a limited number of puzzles, but each one was flawless in its logic, and had lovely ah-ha moments. Wonderfully fun puzzles that would serve as a perfect introduction to how escape rooms work.
The flow of the game was wonderful, slick and well refined. Once we got into the house we didn’t stop solving until the moment we finished the game. So enjoyable!
A fantastic add on to any event, and it can be run as a competition where the fastest time wins!
We thoroughly enjoyed Kidnapped and can’t wait to play a full size Norris Box at some point in the future!

Clue System:
Jane was on hand to give any little nudge we might need

Game Host:
Jane who created and owned the Norris Box was our game host. Incredibly friendly and passionate about escape rooms, she delivered a comprehensive brief and was attentive and observant throughout our game.

Did we escape?
Yes, well we took 8:59 to rescue our friend!

Website: http://www.norrisbox.co.uk
Kidnapped is available as an add on to a regular Norris Box at £10

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