UK Escape Games – Fire, Search & Rescue

UK Escape Games – Fire, Search & Rescue.
Location: Melton Mowbery
Game Date 15/10/2017.
Team: Amy & Ian


“Your a team of heroic firefighters, you must ensure that your team and its vital equipment is ready for action at all times. Your services could be called upon at any minute and you must be prepared to respond!!”

First impressions of this room were good, the attention to detail in the sets were impressive, but the amount of detail led to a few (probably unintentional) red herrings and a LOT of stuff to look at. The room in the “Fire” section was fairly clean, but in the “Search & Rescue” section I opened a drawer to have a few flies fly out and get in my face which wasn’t entirely pleasant!
The game was large, it seemed to go on for ever, however each individual room was small, and I wouldn’t have liked to have been in a team bigger than a 4 as conditions were so cramped. The capacity of this room is a maximum of 8… I would ONLY book this many if you’re comfortable sharing intimate spaces, the room is NOT big enough for 8 people.

Game Play:
This really is a game of two halves, the “Fire” part and the “Search & Rescue” part.
The game started of well, with a good opening puzzle, but then fell into a counting and observation based game, with 3 – 4 puzzles of very similar nature.
The puzzles were logical, and had nice ah-ha moments.
One puzzle was incredibly tedious and I spent about 10 minutes doing this just by myself whilst Ian was solving other things… this is not the type of segregation that is any fun, especially when you do something once, then have to do it another 3 times to get a 4 digit code…
Then is was onto the search part… which as the name suggests was entirely search based with a smidgen of maths thrown in. This is an incredibly search heavy room, with some illogical searching that I can’t imagine anyone getting without a hint… I enjoy searching to a point but this room was some of the deepest searching we have had to do and it did get a little tiresome.
The game flowed well, and there were no points where the game stalled, except for maybe a couple of searches in the latter stages of the game.
This is a game that would benefit a larger team, yet space dictates that a smaller team is more appropriate. I would take a maximum of 4 people.

Clue System:
Clues were delivered via a screen & walkie talkie.

Game Host:
Unfortunately I didn’t get our host’s name. He was friendly enough, but didn’t really give us a brief, I felt like we were rushed into the room with no preparation (had we been a new team we’d have had NO idea what we were doing!)
Throughout the game he was attentive (at one point asking “Have you done this before”) and in the latter half of the game he was very helpful with hints and nudges.

Did we escape?
Yes, in 58 minutes, a close call!!

Website: http://www.ukescapegames.com
2 Players £40
3 Players £54
4 Players £68
5 Players £80
6 Players £90
7 Players £100
8 Players £110

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