Break Escape – Boiling Point

Break Escape – Boiling Point.
Location: Loughborough
Game Date 22/10/2017.
Team: Amy & Ian


“Can you defuse the bomb planted deep inside the police station in time?”

Again, a very teasing blurb on the website, and a video which alludes a bit more to what will happen. The story goes as “There has been a bomb planted inside Summerhill Police station, get in, find the bomb, diffuse the bomb and find the suspects to the crime ring, and get out” All in an hour, NO problem!!
Decoration was lovely, very slick and well done, with each area of the game being distinct and themed so differently. The Office space was lovely, lush and befitting of the Police Commissioner, The Laboratory being clinical, but with plenty of seized evidence to search though.
Immersion again was wonderful, and we felt ourselves being embroiled by the setting and soundtrack (some would say Ian got into it a LITTLE bit too much!)
A very well put together room, which is more than big enough to accommodate the max group size

Game Play:
An open game in the main, with some linearity at key points in the game. The puzzles were mainly logic, observation and codebreaking.
Boiling point is a very, very busy game. This is not to say it’s too busy, we were kept moving and solving for the entire hour, this is testimony to the amount of puzzles and excellent design in the room.
The puzzles all had incredible logic again, and all the pieces were there in the room to make solving the puzzles a joy, the ah-ha moments came thick and fast.
Boiling point has a completely different tone to The Sands of Time. There is a sense of play, a cheekiness too the room which is found partly in the puzzles, and partly in the clue system. It teases the players, and at times has little jokes within the story of the room.
The flow was excellent and all the pieces just fell together in a way that just was so smooth, there was no points where we were stuck, and we even knew what we had to do for a while with one puzzle, before getting all the pieces so when that time came the solution was incredibly satisfying!
A slightly harder game, which really gets the grey matter flexing, with a few tricky puzzles, but no logic leaps whatsoever! Excellent.
Newbies may need to take a slightly bigger team for more brains, enthusiasts will like this no matter the group size!

Clue System:
Clues were delivered via a screen, that the boys in our team outside had hacked into the police computers! Excellent, and that clue system was a cheeky one, on occasion taking the mickey in a jovial and playful way!

Game Host:
Tom was our gamehost (and owner) and he was great, friendly and ran our game with skill, really making himself feel like the 3rd member of our team, giving us nudges in the right direction, at the right time!

Did we escape?
Yes, in 50 minutes 22 seconds (and gaining the new room record!)

Website: http://www.breakescape.co.uk
2 Players £45 Off Peak / £50 Peak
3 Players £55 Off Peak / £60 Peak
4 Players £65 Off Peak / £70 Peak
5 Players £75 Off Peak / £80 Peak
6 Players £85 Off Peak / £90 Peak

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