Break Escape – The Sands of Time

Break Escape – Sands of Time.
Location: Loughborough
Game Date 22/10/2017.
Team Amy & Ian


Break Escape are in the centre of Loughborough, we parked in the Beehive carpark, which lucky for us, was free! Prices are fairly cheap either way.

The waiting area for Break Escape is light and airy, with a lovely steampunk/1920s theme with some lovely comfy couches!

“Get transported into an ancient world of the egyptians”

OK. So the website doesn’t give too much away, there is a brief video on the website which give a small teaser of the room, enough to get you excited but no more than that!
The story was delivered just before we entered the room, Dr Nubis had found lots of treasure, but perished at the hands of the gods. We were to break into the tomb, find the treasure, solve the riddles and escape!
Theming was nice, and produced to a high standard, with a very impressive sarcophogus, there was loads to search through and look at, without it being all encompassing and overpowering!
The immersion in this room was fantastic, this was a combination of things, good story, decoration, lighting and soundscape. They all came together to create a fun and immersive environment. It was probably the most immersed I have got into an Egyptian themed room, I ended up dressing up and everything! (I don’t normally do dressing up in rooms, which is strange as I love it “in real life”)
The rooms are large, but there are moments where space gets a little tight so you may have to decided who ventures forward within your group, but don’t worry, eventually you’ll all experience every aspect of the room!

Game Play:
A fairly linear game, which puts emphasis on searching, observation and logic.
The puzzles were all excellent, with perfect logic and brilliant Ah-Ha moments.
There was a sound played when a puzzle was correctly completed, this was a genius touch. This sound just reaffirms that you’re correct, so you can smoothly move on and concentrate on other aspects of the puzzles.
The searching was a joy, as there was SO much to find you were always wanting to look and explore, the sense of exploration and discovery in this room was fantastic, this served to constantly drive the room forward and push you deeper and deeper into the tomb.
I can’t fault a single puzzle in this room, every one was so much fun and we especially  enjoyed one of the harder meta-puzzles within the room, the culmination of this puzzle was incredibly satisfying!
The flow was impeccable, with no stalling points, no stickyness. Just a solid game that is well honed and slick.
A perfect room for newbies, and  one that is sure to please enthusiasts

Clue System:
Walkie Talkie

Game Host:
Jak was our game host, and also the owner of Break Escape, he was just fab.. friendly and ran our game with perfection. Delivering in theme nudges and cryptic clues from back at base camp, such skilled game hosting

Did we escape?
Yes, in 49 minutes!

Website: http://www.breakescape.co.uk
2 Players £45 Off Peak / £50 Peak
3 Players £55 Off Peak / £60 Peak
4 Players £65 Off Peak / £70 Peak
5 Players £75 Off Peak / £80 Peak
6 Players £85 Off Peak / £90 Peak


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