Live Escape Salisbury – Spectre

Live Escape Salisbury – Spectre.
Location: Sailsbury
Game Date 29/10/2017.
Team: Amy & Ian


“Several decades ago a world federal task force was formed called RESPECT. Its purpose was to ease the uncontrolled growth of the global population while balancing the resources required to sustain humanity into the next Millennium.

RESPECT spent many years collecting and analysing data and running computer simulations. They even factored in future efficiencies through innovation and adaptation. Their conclusion was that to do nothing would be morally worse than doing something.

Behind closed doors, governments and scientists discussed potential solutions, all leading to the moral dilemma: how do you weigh the lives of billions of people against the survival of the species?

Solutions put forward by RESPECT were considered too severe and sparked controversy across the world. The task force was disbanded.

Evidence has now surfaced that some of its senior operatives have formed a new faction known as SPECTRE. We are looking for agents to investigate SPECTRE and uncover their plans.”

An incredibly detailed backstory that starts the minute you open the door and enter the building. Such a unique start to the game, in that you are thrust into the immersive world of  RESPECT from the moment you start the introduction video, which then throws you straight into the game, without meeting a soul. Incredibly immersive and definitely something we’ve never, ever seen before in a room, a brave move and one which paid off as it’s an exciting start!
The room itself is decorated well, the room is clean and spacious, with all aspected being considered and the immersion doesn’t let up. The story is conveyed throughout the game in subtle ways that is so clever and well thought out. The attention to detail is brilliant, and special effects and an excellent soundscape serve to make an incredibly immersive hour (we got a sort of Lost vibe from the room!)


Game Play:
Once every so often a game comes along that just plays itself, that we just click onto the logic and brains of the creator and that we just “GET” this was one of those rooms. It was a TREAT.
A linear game, which blended every puzzle type together. Skill, Dexterity, Aural, Word, Logic, Data Analysis, Math, Observation, Team work, Communication…there is a puzzle that is suited to every skill set, and that is a wonder in itself.
Every single play that partakes in Spectre will find a puzzle they excel at and enjoy.
Each puzzle was excellent, in its perfect logic, slick execution and brilliant ah-ha moments, that just kept on coming throughout the room.
The sense of discovery was wonderful, with teases to what was to come from the start and some real hidden reveals which wowed us and then allowed us delve deeper into Spectre and uncover the truth.
The flow was remarkable, an absolute delight, there were utterly no sticking points, and we did not feel frustrated or slowed down at any point. The logical conclusion of each puzzle lead seamlessly to the next, which is a testimony to the excellence in the game’s design.
This is a game that will test you, it will stretch your brain but it will leave you feeling so satisfied and accomplished for completing it that you come out richer for the experience.
A must do for any size, and any experience of team!

Clue System:
Charlie, a helpful AI computer system was our helping hand (so in theme, and immersive!)

Game Host:
Charlie & Claire were our game hosts and also the owners, although it was strange to not meet them until the end of the game, they were so incredibly friendly and welcoming. We just wished we could have stayed longer to chat! They ran our game with precision, leaving us to figure the puzzles out and only stepping in with help when we truely needed it!

Did we escape?
Yes, in 43 minutes

2 Players £44
3 Players £60
4 Players £75
5 Players £90
6 Players £100

P.S. If you’re wondering about the toilet situation, bearing in mind the unique start… there is a toilet located within the game (in a private area… no cameras of course)


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