Trapp’d Peterborough – The Outlaws of Red Rock

Trapp’d Peterborough – The Outlaws of Red Rock.
Location: Peterborough
Game Date 28/10/2017.
Team: Amy & Ian.


“An old legend surrounds the mysterious town of Red Rock. Strangers talk of an ancient rare jewel said to hold unimaginable value. It was rumoured to belong to the first mayor of Red Rock around 300 years ago who was supposedly assassinated in a political conspiracy between the neighbouring towns. Whether this jewel truly exists, nobody knows. The townspeople are not particularly welcoming to outsiders, barely leaving the town and usually keeping to themselves. The towns local sheriff, Newman “The Law” Dalton, is the only man alive who knows the real truth. But secrets never stay secret for long…

Hundreds have claimed to try and steal the jewel, but to no avail. You and your outlawed band of miscreants, The Rockboar Syndicate, are among the failed horde. After a vain attempt to break into the bank and steal the towns infamous prized jewel you now find yourself trapp’d in the sheriffs jail cell and sentenced to be hanged at dawn. With mortality drawing nearer by the minute, you and your fellow criminals decide to give the robbery one last shot. The sheriff has been called out to an ambush shooting just outside the town so now is your chance! Find a way to break out of the jail and make your way to the bank. The last train out of town leaves in 60 minutes and you want to make sure you’re on it – with the jewel in hand!”

Another in depth story, which sets the scene and tone for game.
Again, we were blindfolded and led into our cells. The decor and theming was excellent in this game, very immersive. Wood lined walls, and sand covered floor!
The room is HUGE and lent itself to the setting incredibly well, a huge area that is more than capable of accommodating the maximum group size (with room to spare!)
I’m a sucker for a western theme, and most of the western themed rooms we’ve played just haven’t lived up to the standard I have in my head, but this did, with The Sheriff’s office, Bank, Stables… and a get away wagon. This room really captured that ghost town atmosphere very well.

Game Play:
A linear game throughout, with a very well balanced mix of logic, word, physical, searching and observation. All bases were covered in this room yet the physicality of it shone again (whilst not quite as physical or skill based as Cirque) Mixed in with the more cerebral puzzles there were good “doing things” puzzles.
An very enjoyable game again, with excellent logic, with all puzzles being clear, concise and solvable, giving excellent ah-ha moments. Puzzles and tasks came thick and fast, and at no point did we feel frustrated or
The flow was lovely although we hit a snag due to a failed mag-lock (technology AGAIN, really…) letting us into a room early, which ended with me getting locked in that room, which wasn’t supposed to happen…at the beginning we thought I was supposed to be locked in.. like prior rooms we’ve done! (Trapp’d will be putting a release button on the inside, so it doesn’t happen again)
So in the end, it didn’t really effect us too much other than US getting confused as we essentially did the puzzle path in the wrong order!
Looking over this minor, minor snag (as we know how damn temperamental mag locks can be!) the game was lovely, logical and a lot of fun!
There is plenty to do for any group size, and any ability, a well rounded solid game!

Clue System:
Clues were delivered via walkie talkie (Note, there is no timer in the room!)

Game Host:
Matt was our game host (and also the owner) and he was on hand to deliver hints when needed, he was warm, very welcoming and delivered a good brief.

Did we escape?
Yes, in 54 minutes!

Website: http://trappd.com/
2 Players £39
3 Players £49
4 Players £59
5 Players £69
6 Players £79


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