Break Escape – Nerve Klinik

Break Escape – Nerve Klinik.
Location: Loughborough
Game Date 30/11/2017.
Team: Amy, Ian & Simon



A simple premise, our friend “Sarah” had gone missing presumably at the hands of Dr Greuber, who seemed like a bit of a mad man, after making an appointment to meet him, could we infiltrate his nerve klinik and try to find out what has happened to our friend?

Theming was spot on, dark, dingy, creepy, bloodstained, oppressive… everything you would come to expect from psychopathic killer doctor’s operating room, leading on to his personal quarters which were, in stark contrast to the “ward” – immaculate yet still suitable creepy and atmospheric.
Jump scares, scary confined spaces, haunted rooms and other special effects give Nerve Klinik the perfect scare factor, whilst not as terrifying at 13utcher, Nerve Klinik got a few good screams out of me, and lots of tension, which combined with the wonderful immersiveness and reality of the world we were put into for an hour made for a very enjoyable experience.
A large spacious room which will easily hold the maximum group size, be aware that there are moments of darkness, tight spaces and crouching (but this only adds to the fun!)

Game Play:
A game which swooped effortlessly between linear and open, bringing us together as a team at critical moments of the game, before leaving us to explore and solve individually.
Puzzles ranged from logic, observation, word, physical, codebreaking, searching, meta puzzles, segregation.. there really was a puzzle for every skill set in this room.
The puzzles all had wonderful ah-ha moments, and were perfectly logical and solvable. The finale puzzle was an absolute joy and, being a meta puzzle was brilliant how all the pieces that we had been working on the whole game came together to create a huge, satisfying conclusion.
The flow was fast paced and exciting, with plenty of twists, turns and surprises throughout which kept us guessing, engaged and at times, terrified for the entire game.
This is a scary game, with the pace of the game being used to keep you at a level of tension that is unsettling but which doesn’t effect game play, allowing you to enjoy the brilliant puzzles within.
What more can I say, a pretty much flawless room that entertainment, puzzles, perplexed and scared us (well mainly me, I did lots of screaming) told a story and took us on a journey.
A tricky room, newbies may find themselves scratching their head, enthusiasts will enjoy the complex puzzles and finesse in this room. A must play.

Clue System:
Clues were delivered in a unique way, with lights giving the clues on a chart of sorts (I’m being vague as it’s such a good clue system, but working out how to use it is part of the fun of the room!)
There was also a taunting, cheeky voice that could converse with us, tell us off and take the mickey in a fantastically sarcastic way that fitted well with the room (a little humour breaking up the scary was welcome!)

Game Host:
Jak & Tom were our gamehosts and were lovely as always, welcoming and we could and did, chat for HOURS about escaping! Their passion is clear and it shines through in their hosting and games. They ran our game perfectly

Did we escape?
Yes, in 46 minutes!

Website: http://www.breakescape.co.uk/
2 Players £45 Off Peak / £50 Peak
3 Players £55 Off Peak / £60 Peak
4 Players £65 Off Peak / £70 Peak
5 Players £75 Off Peak / £80 Peak
6 Players £85 Off Peak / £90 Peak


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