Product Review – Puzzle Card

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A bit of a change for today’s review, I was contacted by Jon at Puzzlecard.co.uk who had a very unique and interesting idea – an “escape room” birthday card! I was intrigued (naturally) so when one arrived in the post I was eager to give it a good once over.

A well produced card, that at the moment is only available in the 1 style above. It has a total of 8 clues which lead to a word and number combination which is then entered on the website (www.puzzlecard.co.uk)

The clues are spot on in their logic and call for JUST the card to be used (until entering the soloution) – amusing, fun and at times very subtle! The card would take 5-10 minutes to solve and I think the time is perfect, any, well… sane person may not want to be spending hours pouring over puzzles on their birthday (unless that is, you’re a manic enthusiast like me and play 5 rooms on your birthday….) This scratches the “puzzle itch” very nicely

escape front facebook profile.jpg

A lovely card for escape enthusiasts, puzzle lovers and to deliver birthday gift vouchers in! I’m sure any escapee would really appreciate Puzzle Card, and I look forward to other designs and puzzles arriving!

Puzzle Card is available at http://www.puzzlecard.co.uk for £4.25

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