Moviescape – Escape The Meth Lab

Moviescape – Escape The Meth Lab.
Location: Stockport
Game Date 14/11/2017.
Team: Amy & Ian


“Inspired by the much loved TV show, ‘BREAKING BAD’, this is an Escape room with a twist. You have one hour to solve puzzles and clues to earn money. The more you solve, the more you earn. You and your fellow cooks have 1 hours to earn up to $1,000,000″


I must admit, I have never watched an episode of Breaking Bad, so any preconceptions that would have come with watching the show didn’t register with me (or Ian!)
The theming was good, quite sterile and simply decorated with lots of metal and stainless steel about the room.
The room was very spacious, and encouraged exploration, which lead to a fairly gruesome (in the story of the game) discovery later on in the game.
There wasn’t a soundtrack within the game, I feel some industrial sounds or even just some background music would have helped the immersion within the room.
The room was clean, and did feel like we’d broken into a lab (well as much as I know about meth labs… which admittedly isn’t a lot!)

Game Play:
A linear game that focused on observation and code breaking.
The game was clear in its logic (Which we had come to expect from Moviescape!) and contained enjoyable puzzles, and used the internet to aide the game, which was a really nice touch.
All the puzzles had lovely ah-ha moments, and whilst not the most difficult puzzles there was no ambiguity and the solutions were never fudgey
The game flowed very well, and we were kept moving forward through the entire game never feeling frustrated or stuck at any point.
An all round solid game, that is (I assume) a good tip of the hat to the Breaking Bad TV Show.
Enthusiasts, play this as a 2, the linearity of the game would leave a more experienced larger team quite frustrated.
Newbies this is a good game to start off with, a team of 3-4 would be ideal.

Clue System:
Clues were delivered via a walkie talkie, but at a price of 1 bundle of cash per clue!

Game Host:
Jack was our game host, and delivered a good brief, he was chatty & friendly. We didn’t use any clues within the game!

Did we escape?
Yes, in 28 minutes with the full $1,000,000!

Website: https://www.moviescape.co.uk/
2 Players £40
3 Players £57
4 Players £72
5 Players £75
6 Players £84

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