Game Over Rochdale – Winter is Coming

Game Over Rochdale – Winter is Coming.
Location: Rochdale
Game Date 13/02/2018.
Team: Amy & Ian



“Since the white walkers crossed the wall all hope for man seems lost. Great houses crumble as noble knights and men-at-arms fall. Yet one hope may remain, an ancient scroll speaks of a great power that could turn the tide of war. Guide your party through the perils of war and discover the secret of castle Black. May the gods be with you, old and new. Man kind depends on you…”

Well, I had nothing to compare this room too as I am one of the few people who have NEVER seen an episode of Game Of Thrones, I know a little bit about it, like who John Snow is, and the dragon lady… but that’s about the extent of my knowledge… FWIW I didn’t even know that the White Walkers were zombies…
STILL that wouldn’t help us in the room, no outside knowledge is really needed (it could give a little help in one puzzle)
The room itself is very pretty, with lovely sets that really look the part of a grand castle. The room was large, once in the main play area there would be no problem in the maximum group size in this room.
There is an element of crawling and darkness in this room. Where the crawling is concerned, the floor is hard… something to be aware of, especially if you have bad knees!
A lovely, immersive room however, which used the space and soundtrack to create an atmospheric environment.

Game Play:
A linear game, which was based primarily around logic puzzles, with a smidgen of maths thrown in.
The puzzles were interesting and mainly on theme, with 1 really lovely standout puzzle that was perfectly logical, enjoyable and worth the wait! There was 1 puzzle that had a small logic leap, but once it’s “seen” it really makes sense and is quite an interesting puzzle.
The flow was good, and the only time we really ever slowed down was when we met with the tricky puzzle, this was our fault and not the game’s at all. There was a good sense of discovery throughout and lots of nice Ah-ha moments where things we’d collected in the game came into play. It was obvious and interesting how we were meant to use them.
A good game that had some really nice moments and touches, unfortunately there were a few red herrings, they didn’t slow us down too much but to solve something and get no reward is a bit unusual!
Enthusiasts will rock this game, take your normal team. Newbies, some of the logic could trip a new team up, so take at least a 4!

Clue System:
Clues were delivered via voice over

Game Host:
Paige was our game host and she was friendly and hospitable (thank you for coming in just for our game Paige!) She delivered hints and clues when needed and when asked, and she dealt with a dodgy maglock with ease and professionalism. Good job 🙂

Did we escape?
Yes, in 51 Minutes!

Website: http://www.escapegameover.co.uk
2 Players £42
3 Players £60
4 Players £72
5 Players £85
6 Players £90

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