Lucardo Rawtenstall – Corruption

Lucardo Rawtenstall – Corruption.
Location: Rawtenstall
Game Date: 27/06/2018.
Team: Amy & Ian


“You are a bunch of cops working on an operation to bust a notorious criminal gang known for car theft, robbery, kidnap and murder. Police headquarters have been tipped off about a hideout and will conduct a raid in 60 minutes’ time. The only problem? You’ve been corrupted and are working with the gang. You’ll need to sabotage the hideout, dispose of incriminating evidence and plant clues to lead your colleagues in another direction. Can you stay one step ahead of the law and escape without a prison sentence?”

Corruption’s decor was in no way what I expected! I have come to know and love Lucardo’s rooms and know what to expect from them, but this room surpassed all my expectations! Set in a “MOT Garage” – the immersion is 100%. Utterly 360 and everything is perfect and REAL. It even smells like a real garage, and there is a centre piece that I can imagine was a nightmare to get up the stairs. The theme continues through the room and the use of space is fantastic. A good soundtrack just adds to the immersion and the story is delivered through a unique method which is an exciting addition and something we’ve not really seen before! (NO SPOILERS!)
The room is large, and well lit. No problems there!

Game Play:
A game that was fairly open, with plenty to do. Puzzles were excellent, with logic, observation, physical, tactile, co-ordination. There were so many different types, and each and every one were perfectly in theme and influenced by the surroundings and situation. The puzzles had clear solutions, without being illogical and they all had lovely ah-ha moments.
Some puzzles were clear what we needed before we had found all the parts and some only became apparent once we had found everything. All the puzzles were perfectly solvable and all the different puzzle types kept the room moving forward, interesting and tactile.
The flow was exceptional, with signposting leading to each puzzle being clear, yet subtle and in theme.
The goal of the room is laid out within the story at the beginning of the game and gives you an excellent sense of progression, purpose and only serves to add to the immersion within the room.
A stand out room, which goes above and beyond what I’d come to expect of Lucardo (and that bar was high to begin with!) – A real world situation, a clear goal, concise story, interactive and interesting puzzles. Just brilliant. Do NOT miss this game!

Clue System:
Clues were delivered via a screen.

Game Host:
Dave, Simon and Adam were all present and ran the game excellently between the 3 of them! Never have we had so much attention! Simon delivered a great brief and was a friendly and welcoming host, Dave delivered perfectly time nudges throughout the game (I don’t think we had too many!)

Did we escape?
Yes, in about 42 minutes!

Website : https://lucardo.com/rawtenstall
2 Players £44
3 Players £63
4 Players £76
5 Players £85
6 Players £90

2 thoughts on “Lucardo Rawtenstall – Corruption”

  1. We did Corruption today. And escaped with 12 minutes to spare. 😊We reallh enjoyed it. Simon was a great host. We haved booked to go back and do the other room.


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