Escape Rooms Cheltenham – High Rollers

Escape Rooms Cheltenham – High Rollers.
Location: Cheltenham
Game Date: 18/08/2018.
Team – Amy & Ian

Escape Rooms Cheltenham are a pop up escape room that operates a new theme every 2 months, by the time you’re reading this High Rollers may be closed, but let this review be indicitive of the effort and standard that their future games are sure to reach!

“You’re having a great night in the casino with your friends, when suddenly you’re approached by the security guards. They’ve seen two of your friends counting cards, and don’t think any of you should leave with your winnings. They leave you locked in the building while they review the evidence, but you can’t wait to find out their verdict. Can you get out with your money before they get back?”

Theming was very good (considering this is truly a pop up room that gets taken down after each day of operation!) with a handpainted bar backdrop and various items you’d find in a casino. Immersion wasn’t perfect, but again this is a pop up so to expect perfect immersion would be ridiculous and given the space and inherently temporary nature of the game the immersion was satisfying and fun!
The space is fairly small, but I don’t think 6 players would be treading on each other’s toes too much. The lighting was excellent and the space was clean.

Game Play:
A linear game that had word, searching, logic, maths and skill puzzles.
The puzzles were all nicely logical and worked in theme with the game, there were some fun ah-ha moments and no major logic leaps.
Flow was good, and signposting was not abundant but there was enough to guide you and still allow you to come to your own conclusions about the puzzles.
A fun game, which delivered concise, on theme puzzles that entertained us for nearly a full hour!
The bi-monthly theme is a great idea and I can imagine any future games will have the same smart puzzles, conscise logic and good flow!

Clue System:
Clues were delivered via an iPad

Game Host:
Megan was our game host, and she was lovely. Chatty, passionate and her clue delivery was excellent!

Did we escape?
Yes, in 55 minutes!

Website: https://escaperoomscheltenham.co.uk
£60 for the entire room – up to 6 players.

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