Handmade Mysteries – Poppa Plock’s Wonky Workshop

Handmade Mysteries – Poppa Plock’s Wonky Workshop.
Location: London
Game Date: 19/08/2018.
Team – Amy & Ian.



“This bonkers escape room game takes place within secret rooms of The Depot pub in Islington, guaranteed to provide you and your team with a whole lot of fun and silliness as you take on the 60 minute challenge of the twisted toy-maker Poppa Plock.
Guided by Oki, the outrageous ventriloquist dummy, your team must complete Plock’s penultimate creation by taking on the crazy clues, contraptions and characters within.”

Bonkers is an understatement to describe Poppa Plock, but in a good way! The room is packed with toys, games and detail that does not go un-noticed. The level of detail in the room is astounding and I’m sure we could have spent a good 20 minutes just LOOKING at stuff…
The immersion is second to none and starts the moment you’re greeted by Wynne (and Luce in our case) when they come and collect you from the pub downstairs.
Taken into the room, the decor is crazy, yet creepy and sets the tone for the rest of the game perfectly, setting you on edge but making you giggle at the same time.
The space itself is huge, and you’ll have no trouble with 6 players in the space. It’s a fairly dim room but for atmosphere and tension, not difficulty.
Add into the mix the amazing Okikokio who interacts and taunts you for the hour and you have the most immersive, hilarious and twisted escape room we’ve played in a while. Please be in mind that this is an 18+ room, and such the humour is dark and adult. We loved it.
The narrative flows through the game, delivering a comprehensive story along with 100% immersion and of course, puzzles!

Game Play:
A linear game that sees you reassemble Poppa Plocks work, puzzles were compromised of logic, observation, searching, skill & physical.
Puzzles were logical, fun and had great ah-ha moments.
There was nothing too taxing or brain busting, as the focus in Poppa Plock is the story, immersion and narrative the puzzles are a fraction of the experience in Poppa Plock, but are imperetive to the overall game (as otherwise it would just be live theatre!)
Flow was excellent, with great signposting that also served as storytelling the kept us moving forward through the game at a steamrolling pace!
Most importantly the puzzles were on theme and fun, keeping the zany world alive and deepening the immersion.
Poppa Plock is an utter romp, and whilst it may be a bit overwhelming as a first escape room it is SO much more than its puzzles. It is an experience, a journey and an utter joy. A must play!

Clue System:
Clues were delivered in person by Wynne, who dropped into the story at key moments and by Okikokio whose omnipresent nature set to either encourage or taunt you depending on how well you’re doing!

Game Host:
Wynne & Luce served as our game hosts and were just excellent. Thrusting us into the story from the moment we were welcome and never letting up character until after we left. They were fun, sassy and helped us through the game with impeccible timing and wit.

Did we escape?
Yes, in 55 minutes!

Website: https://www.handmademysteries.com
2 Players £70 (£60 Off Peak)
3 Players £84 (£78 Off Peak)
4 Players £108 (£100 Off Peak)
5 Players £130 (£120 Off Peak)
6 Players £150 (£138 Off Peak)

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