Pressure Point – Broken

Pressure Point – Broken.
Location: Ashford
Game Date 20/08/2018.
Team – Amy & Ian



“It’s 2049, and England has split into 2 warring factions. The power driven North has decided that it will strike the south with an ageing collection of nuclear missiles.

4 decades ago your late grandfather foresaw this disaster and built a small bunker hidden deep in the woods, using his expertise in nuclear warfare.

With the missiles launched, you have 60 minutes before impact. This bunker is your only chance for survival.

Here’s the thing though… it’s BROKEN! “

The theme was fun one, and I couldn’t help giggling inside when we were trying to stop the missles from the northerners… being northerners ourselves! I guess we were honorary southeners for that 60 minutes!
Inside the room was impressive, clean succinct theming gave a great sense of immersion and the attention to detail was such that left the room alive yet didn’t distract from the puzzles or story. The decor was finished to a high standard and clearly a lot of love and passion was put into the creation of the room.
The room was large enough for 6 players, lit well and clean. A lovely place to spend an hour (and not set in a tent like I thought for the LONGEST time until I actually looked at the cover photo properly)

Game Play:
A linear game that had so many different types of puzzles, logic, maths, observation, physical, teamwork, searching, tactile, skill. A real mix of puzzles meaning that every single member of the team will come in useful at some point of the game.
The logic in the puzzles was flawless, with answers never, ever being ambiguous and ah-ha moments coming by the bucketload.
The flow was sublime, due to the excellent signposting and clarity in the puzzles. The only time we slowed down was due to our own error (It’s lovely playing a room that plays SO well, as you know it’s your own failings that you’re stuck on and you can put your trust into the room. Always ends in a facepalm moment of “Why didn’t I spot that obvious thing”)
A skillfully designed game with a sense of exploration that will please enthusiasts, and good, logical, solvable puzzles that will tax newbies and make enthusiasts smile again and again!

Clue System:
Clues were delivered via a screen.

Game Host:
Keri & Mike were our hosts, and they were wonderful, so welcoming and friendly. We could have chatted about escaping all night long. It was lovely to meet them and a shame we couldn’t spend more time with them after the game!
Mike ran our game with perfection, giving us clues only when we absoloutely needed them, but never letting us get frustrated

Did we escape?
Yes, in 45 minutes!

Website: https://www.pressurepointescaperooms.co.uk
2 Players £35
3 Players £52.50
4 Players £70
5 Players £75
6 Players £90

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