Get Lost – The Abandoned Cottage

Get Lost – The Abandoned Cottage
Location: Dover
Game Date: 22/08/2018
Team: Amy & Ian



“In the middle of the woods
In the midst of all the trees
Stands a little wooden house
Untouched by man or breeze

In the middle of the cottage
In the midst of the abandoned house
Nothing moves or mumbles
No creature, sound or mouse

In the middle of the cottage
In the midst of all the dust
Stands a dark and dusty candle
In a dungeon full of rust

For in the middle of the pas
In the midst of days gone by
A curse befell three witches
Named Edith, Margery and Lorelei

In the middle of the woods
In the shadow of a tree
Three witches lie in wait
For you to set them free…”

The Abandoned cottage looked great, derelict and cobwebby, dim and dusty, all the things one wants from a years old cottage in the woods.
The space was decorated immaculately, with excellent attention to detail, but nothing that would serve as red herrings or misdirection.
This created a wonderful sense of immersion, with the aid of a good soundtrack this is a creepy, but not scary place to spend an hour
The space was large, and lit atmospherically. You may feel it’s a little dim for the first few minutes but torches are provided, although I would forgoe the torch and let your eyes adjust to the light level… it makes the game much more immersive!
There is a small amount of crawling/ducking in the game.

Game Play:
A game that had both linear and open moments.
Puzzles were varied, with codebreaking, logic, touch, word, observation and searching all taking part.
The puzzles were flawless in their logic, with excellent ah-ha moments and fun conclusions (there was one particular meta puzzle that I really enjoyed)
Every puzzle was perfectly on theme and fitting to the game and story, and served to further the narrative and gameplay.
Signposting was clear, yet subtle enough to leave the players to create their own connections, giving an excellent sens of accomplishment throughout the game.
Flow was lovely, with no sticky moments or barriers.
A great, great game that had some lovely moments in it. Enthusiasts will enjoy the depth of story telling and good logic. Newbies will enjoy the atmosphere and range of puzzles!

Clue System:
Clues were delivered via a walkie

Game Host:
Ross was our game host and was welcoming and friendly, and we coould have spoke to him for EVER after the game, it’s lovely when owners have masses of enthusiasm and passion for the industry and Ross & Kym clearly have that in spades!

Did we escape?
Yes, in 28 minutes

Website: https://www.getlostescaperooms.co.uk/
2 Players £36
3 Players £54
4 Players £72
5 Players £80
6 Players £96

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