Real Life Games – Extinction

Real Life Games – Extinction
Location: Ramsgate
Game Date: 22/08/2018
Team: Amy & Ian




The planet is in the grip of an epidemic, people of all ages, races and backgrounds are contracting the potentially world ending virus.

After just six months of the first case in Papua New Guinea, the virus has covered (geographically) 80% of the world’s surface and it is thought to have killed in excess of 1.7 billion people.

 An effective antidote has been developed (NV31) and those treated within 7 days of contracting the virus have made a full recovery. The only problem is that the antidote was developed by Dr Nojus Zareckis in his laboratory in Lithuania. After producing around 100,000 doses of the medicine, Dr Zareckis and his entire team were slaughtered by rebels who broke in to steal the antivirus. The details of the research performed in finding the cure were encrypted and inadvertently destroyed by the bungling thieves during the raid.

Back in England, Dr Ruoff Nevesorezenin a close friend of Dr Zareckis, based right here in Ramsgate, was able to acquire a few of the vials containing ingredients for the life saving liquid before Dr Zareckis’ untimely death. He also had the encrypted data stored on a hard drive. Nevesorezenin has been working tirelessly ever since to reproduce the formula in order to end the epidemic. Dr Nevesorezenin believes he has successfully replicated the NV31 antidote.

You and your friends having recently contracted the virus have been selected as ideal test cases for Dr Ruoff Nevesorezenin’s NV31 antidote but when you arrive at the surgery it becomes apparent that an unfortunate set of circumstances has occurred.

Can you and your team figure out how to get your hands on everything required to save humanity…

Your challenge awaits…”

A really detailed story that set us up to a realistic world within the game, the room was decorated very cleanly, with there being nothing to distracted us, and it gave a clinical feel to the game, that fitted the story very well.
At the base level it was just an “office” – but one that was done to perfection, with attention to detail and wonderful quality in the excecution of the set.
The space was large and very well lit.

Game Play:
A lovely game which fell between open and linear seamlessly, with a real mix of puzzles, logic, word, searching, observation and even an incredibly well executed and enjoyable jigsaw!
Each and every puzzle was logical, and interesting and all cam with their own very fun Ah-ha moments, and they just kept coming!
The flow was impeccible and the signposting was subtle but clear and only served to aid in the excellent logic in the puzzles.
There were standard tropes, yet always excecuted with a twist, or in a unique way, creating an fresh and fun game.
A perfect game for beginners and enthusiasts alike, entertaining with good story and depth in the puzzles.

Clue System:
Clues were delivered via a screen

Game Host:
Chris was our gamehost and was wonderful, friendly, welcoming and delivered a great brief & story!

Did we escape?
Yes, in 35 mins with no clues!

Website: https://www.reallifegames.co.uk
2 Players £50
3 Players £54
4 Players £64
5 Players £80
6 Players £84
7 Players £98
8 Players £104

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