The Escapement – The Pit

The Escapement – The Pit
Location: Margate
Game Date: 22/08/2018
Team: Amy & Ian


“Sent deep underground you and your team of miners will need to save the planet in this epic journey to the centre of the earth! Please note this room contains crawl areas and small spaces.”

A brilliantly decorated set, that was fully realised and 100% immersive, theming started outside the room and we were thrown into the world and the story from the moment we sat down just outside the mine.
Once inside the theme was remarkable, true theme-park quality with high levels of attention to detail with sounds and smells that only added to the immersion.
As we went deeper into the mine, the subtle changes in atmosphere and decoration left us under no illusion that we were well underground.
One of the best rooms we have played in terms of a fully realised world with 360 degree immersion and complete believabilty.
The space was large, and lit well (and we were provided with hard hats and lights too)

Game Play:
A game which focuses wholly on the experience with every “puzzle” being set in the world and not a simple “here’s a puzzle presented in the theme” – everything we did had an impact on the space around us.
This being said there was an leaning towards physicality in the puzzles, along with some observation, logic and critical thinking.
The puzzles themselves were perfect in their logic, ah-ha moments were excellent.
The flow was wonderful, a game that you could truley loose yourself in and let yourself go to experience the journey and narrative.
Pit isn’t about the puzzles, pit is about the journey, the excitement and the sense of discovery (which was frankly amazing) – there are several stand out moments (which I will not spoil) but we were wowed several times, speechless at a couple of others and experienced sheer joy at other moments, add to this an exhilirating finale which puts this room up there with the top in terms of overall experience.
It is a real rollercoaster of a room and one that you really shouldn’t miss! It’s really hard to describe the quality, perfection and detail in this room without crossing the line into spoiler territorty

Clue System:
Clues were delivered via a walkie

Game Host:
Dave was our game host and was absoloutely fantastic, from the moment we sat down to be briefed for the pit, he threw himself into the character & story, never once breaking the immersion that was set. During the game he deliverf hints with impeccible timing.
We also saw Lewis & Mica, and as normal they were super welcoming and friendly.

Did we escape?
Yes, in 41 minutes!

Website: https://escapementmargate.co.uk
2 Players £40
3 Players £55.50
4 Players £74
5 Players £82.50
6 Players £99

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