Escape Hunt – Escape the Wild West

Escape Hunt – Escape the Wild West
Location: Manchester
Game Date: 12/11/2018
Team: Amy, Ian, Ashley, & Laurence


“Step into the Wild West, where the tiny frontier town of East Victoria is celebrating the discovery of gold.

But the celebrations turn sour when news arrives that the bloodthirsty Bill French Gang are on their way to claim the gold – and kill everyone in East Victoria for good measure!

With no sheriff around and no cavalry riding to the rescue your only hope is a rusty old locomotive that hasn’t worked in years – but with just one hour to get it going and escape with your lives, you need to think fast and work even faster.

There isn’t a second to lose.”

The room looked great, really authentic looking set with an excellent level of detail (even ignoring the fact that the saddle was English, not western…)
Very immersive, taking you through and office and train waiting room and going onto the train itself, the room had a rough hewn look to it, very wooden and handcrafted, it was lovely to look at.
The space isn’t huge, and 6 people may feel rather cramped, especially in the earlier stages of the game, but this soon opens up to a decent sized area.
Lighting was good throughout and we never struggled to see at any point.

Game Play:
An open game that had pleny of puzzles, logic, observation, word, physical and searching. The game was intrinsicly linked to its surroundings and the interaction within the room to complete the puzzles was lovely and only added to the immersion.
The puzzles were all wonderfully logical and a joy to solve, added in with the physical aspect of almost every puzzle, the ah-ha moments came thick and fast.
The flow was excellent, with clear indication to what we needed to do and what was left to do leaving no doubt in our minds the direction of the game, which was quite fast paced and always pushing foward.
Signposting was subtle but still lead the game in a well themed way.
The only critisim of the game is the ending, we knew what we had to do, what we had done and the end fell a bit flat, the rest of the game MORE than made up for it with it’s excellent in theme puzzles and great game play.
A great room to introduce a team to escaping, and a really fun room for enthusiasts to tackle!

Clue System:
Clues were delivered via voice over in the room

Game Host:
Craig was our game host and he was exemplary, friendly and professional. Delivering an excellent brief and story. Clues were given with excellent timing but never pushing us through the game.

Did we escape?
Yes, setting the room record at 26 minutes!

Website: https://escapehunt.com/uk/manchester/games/
2 Players £50
3 Players £75
4 Players £80
5 Players £100
6 Players £120

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