Escape Hunt – The Last Vikings

Escape Hunt – The Last Vikings
Location: Manchester
Game Date: 12/11/2018
Team: Amy, Ian, Ashley, & Laurence


“Step into a legendary age of gods and monsters, where your peaceful Viking village is being threatened by an invasion of spine-chilling Ice Giants.

With your warriors away you don’t stand a chance in a fight, so in desperation you journey to the banqueting hall of the gods to throw yourself on their mercy and beg for help.

But when you enter your heart sinks – Thor, Loki and the other Norse gods are nowhere to be seen. With just one hour before the Ice Giants destroy your village, can you work together to summon the gods and gain their protection?

Take too long and the Vikings will be no more.”

Vikings looked good, a simple decor that gave a good sense of immersion, but lacked a visual impact in the first instance and felt more cramped than it was due to the low lighting.
The game opened up into a slightly more impressive set, which was finished well and gave a good sense of progression and journey.
The spaces were small, and at some points 6 people will be more that the space can handle.
The lighting at points was too dark and impacted on the game play, making puzzles harder than they should have been.

Game Play:
A linear game that had a good range of puzzles, logic, physical, skill, word, codebreaking.
Puzzles were mostly good in their logic, with fun ah-ha moments and no massive logic leaps (one puzzle was a little ambiguous and misleading but with a little guidance we connected the dots, but it did feel quite “trial and error”)
The flow was good, With each puzzle leading us nicely to the next and delivering a good story throughout.
Signposting was subtle, but readable. Just enough to guide, but could have benefitted from a bit more reward when puzzles were complete in some places.
A good, if not slightly frustrating game (I feel this is mostly due to lighting issues)
I would suggest getting a good string of games under your belt before playing this one, if you’re new to escaping.

Clue System:
Clues were delivered via voice over in the room

Game Host:
Craig was our game host and he was exemplary, friendly and professional. Delivering an excellent brief and story. Clues were given with excellent timing but never pushing us through the game.

Did we escape?
Yes, in 38 Minutes, once again setting the room record!

Website: https://escapehunt.com/uk/manchester/games/
2 Players £50
3 Players £75
4 Players £80
5 Players £100
6 Players £120

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