Clue HQ – End of the Line

Clue HQ – End of the Line
Location: Warrington
Game Date: 16/11/2013
Team: Amy & Ian

We were very fortunate to be invited by Clue HQ to preview their newest game, End of the Line! As the game was in previews some small aspects may have changed by the time of opening.

“Danny Badd is up to his old tricks and has hijacked several trains on the Picodedilly line to cause a distraction while he carries out a heist job in another part of town. You are one of the unlucky commuters who find themselves trapped on a runaway train with only enough track ahead of you to last the next 60 minutes. Will you be able to work out the manual override and apply the brakes in time? Or will this be the End of the Line?”

The room looked fantastic, with the set decorated just like an underground train, with brilliant nods to all of ClueHQ’s other games and some cracking puns on the station names!
Cleanly decorated with full immersion, this room really made you feel like you were onboard a moving train, with excellent sound & video effects
An incredibly detailed and professiona finish gives EotL a slick feel.
The space was very well lit, and the space was big enough for 6 players.

Game Play:
An open game that came with a varied assortment of puzzles, logic, observation, maths, teamwork and a little bit of searching.
The puzzles were all big and chunky, in that there was a lot of thought to be put into them, each puzzle was a joy to solve (well… I didn’t solve the maths but Ian did and he said it was excellent in its excecution) – the ah-ha moments were just lovely. The realisation of what to do was excellent and then the satisfaction in the answers were just great.
The flow was slick and effortless, with us clearly moving from puzzle to puzzle and the only stallings were in our own failings of not noticing the signposting.
Signposting was excellent, just enough to guide us through the game but not too much to hand hold us, and let us come to our own ah-ha moments.
A really smashing game that is a step up for Clue HQ in puzzle & set design, it makes us really excited for the future games!!

Clue System:
Clues were delivered via a screen

Game Host:
Mark, Stuart and Jesse were our game hosts (I think Mark was delivering clues throughout) – Jesse delivered a great brief, it was great having an in person breif at ClueHQ compared to their normal video! Our clues were delivered with excellent timing considering it was an early test game!

Did we escape?
Yes, with 54 seconds to go!

Website: https://cluehq.co.uk/warrington/games/
2 Players £44
3 Players £63
4 Players £76
5 Players £85
6 Players £90

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