The Escaporium – Crux Codecillus

The Escaporium – Crux Codecillus
Location: Halifax
Game Date: 27/12/2018
Team: Amy & Ian


“Every member of The Illuminati has gathered for its Annual General Meeting. Locked away in the Board Room, the higher order had just wrapped up the meeting when the lights suddenly dropped, and one of them killed the King of the Illuminati, otherwise known as Plato!

As junior members of The Illuminati, you and your team will have to gather any evidence from within the Board Room to find out who the killer was, how he or she did it, and where they have scarpered to! However, there may be a sting in the tail of this case which means you will need to be out within the hour, or it will be curtains for everybody!”

The room looked great, with an impressive set that was befitting of being the board room. Very immersive, with plenty to look at and admire. There was plenty of attention to detail and quality in the set design and this continued right through to the end of the game.
A large space, which is more than big enough for the max amount of players. Well lit and with plenty of space to sit down and get the weight off your feet if needed!
A beautiful game that is perfectly themed and incredibly classy.

Game Play:
A linear game with some open moments, compromising of a good mix of puzzles. Logic, observation, word, physical, searching. The game leans towards logic and word, however, with some great puzzles that will really whet your whistle if you’re that way inclined!
Each and every puzzle was excellent in its logic, with no ambiguity at all and truely brilliant ah-ha moments, and with the speed that puzzles are delivered, these ah-ha moments come thick and fast.
The flow was second to none, and the game kept moving fluidly and smoothly until the moment we unlocked the exit door.
There were some excellent and very unique puzzles in the room, along side some well-tested standards (but even these were turned on their head and used in a unique way!)
The signposting in the room as perfect, whist not being intrusive or handholding it gave just enough to guide and leave you to make your own connections within the game.
A great, skillfully designed game, with enough to keep both large teams and smaller teams working and entertained.

Clue System:
Clues were delivered via a screen

Game Host:
Angela was our host and was perfect from the moment we stepped through the doors, a true enthusiast herself with over 150 games under her belt, she was friendly and welcoming! She delivered clues with precision timing, whilst still allowing us ample time to solve puzzles on our own.

Did we escape?
Yes, in about 55 minutes or so!

Website: https://www.theescaporium.com/
2 Players £40
3 Players £54
4 Players £68
5 Players £80
6 Players £90

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