Enigma Rooms – Christmas Catasrophe

Enigma Rooms – Christmas Catastrophe
Location: Wakefield
Game Date: 27/12/2018
Team: Amy & Ian

xmasUnfortunately Christmas Catastrophe won’t be around for ever, as it’s a seasonal room but it’s still bookable for the time being so go play before it goes!

“It’s Christmas Eve and Santa has gone home to sit by the fire after a busy night and switched his phone off.

The Elves are in a panic as Santa has missed one family off his list, Christmas is ruined unless you can deliver the right presents before Christmas morning.”

A beautiful and charming room that captured the Christmas spirit perfectly, whilst not being gaudy or tacky! A lovely christmas soundtrack set the tone and compliment the setting.
The room has a lovely sense of wonder and exploration and used the space really nicely. The room was well lit and spacious enough for the max team size of 5

Game Play:
A lovely linear game that was perfectly pitched to a family market, with accessible puzzles of every type. Logic, word, math, observation, physical, skill.
A game that is flawless in it’s logic which makes its charm and accessability even better.
Each and every puzzle was solveable and had lovely ah-ha moments and there were plently of puzzles that children would really enjoy and get their teeth into.
Even as adults we really enjoyed the clarity in the puzzles.
The flow was excellent and the sense of exploration and wonder was never ending, continuing to the very last moments of the game.
The story was compassionate and continued through the game, weaved through the puzzles which were all perfectly in theme.
A lovely room, which I hope returns next christmas so more families can enjoy it!

Clue System:
Clues were delivered via sending a message via “messenger” to your elfy friends!

Game Host:
Keiran was our game host and was a great game host, friendly and welcoming! He clearly has a passion for escaping!

Did we escape?
Yes! In about 24 minutes (in a 45 min room)

Website: https://enigmarooms.co.uk/wakefield/
2 Players £30
3 Players £39
4 Players £48
5 Players £55

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