Trapp’d – Molten Creek Mine

Trapp’d – Molten Creek Mine
Location: Northampton
Game Date: 05/03/2019
Team: Amy & Ian


“After 11 years experience in the mining industry, you head to work just like any other day. You get into your safety gear and walk through the murky tunnels into the quotidian mineshaft. As you begin working, however, you notice that something feels unfamiliar… almost dangerous. Suddenly, an ear-splitting crack rings out as a large cloud of dust surrounds you. Blinded, you try desperately to search for the cause and make sure your fellow miners are unharmed. The support beams in the mine that you and your team have been working on have given way and the mine is beginning to collapse! The walls are crumbling, the ceiling is caving in, the entrance is now blocked and every second you spend in there means less and less oxygen.

The rescue team is trying their best to race against the clock in order to save you all, but the chances are looking bleak. The creeping realisation of the life or death situation is beginning to dawn on your fellow miners and panic resonates. You are left with one option, find another way out… or die in this soon-to-be catacomb!”

The room looked good, with rough hewn wood lining the walls and a mine cart right in the middle, it was a fairly immersive set albeit not with loads to look at or investigate.
The lighting was dark and atmospheric, the room would have benefitted from some “mining torches” to aid in observation.
The room was more than big enough for the max group size.
The main thing to note about this room is that it is grubby, we were given shoe protectors, but even with those on Ian’s shoes still came out filthy and I had dust all over my jeans. It might be worth NOT dressing in your finest clothes when playing this game!

Game Play:
A linear game that was very much based in the realms of searching, observation and observational searching.
In terms of real gritty puzzles it was somewhat lacking and the heavy searching element which made the basis of every puzzle led to this being a room that is definitely aimed at the more casual or beginner player.
That being said there were a couple of nice moments that took the searching and added another element to it to create a fairly standard puzzle. The room lacked ah-ha moments dure to the heavy search elements.
The signposting was minimal, so minimal infact that it was almost missable.
The flow was good, but there was no sense of discovery when all the entire game is spent just looking for stuff.
A game that looks pretty, but has no substance at it’s core. It will scratch an escape room itch and will please with its visuals, and I’ve no doubt that beginner players will love this room, and whilst wholly enjoyable it could have done with a few more meatier puzzles to bulk the game up!

Clue System:
Clues were delivered via Voice Over

Game Host:
Our game host was lovely, friendly and chatty. Her clue delivery was OK.

Did we escape?
Yes, in 46 minutes

Website: https://trappd.com/
2 Players £39
3 Players £49
4 Players £59
5 Players £69
6 Players £79

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