Trapp’d – Reanimation

Location: Corby
Game Date: 05/03/2019
Team: Amy & Ian


“Black clouds sprawl across the evening sky as a cruel wind rips its way through Ingolstadt, Germany. The unsettled air grows thick and angry, looming over the town like an omen of death. ‘The lull before the storm’ one Professor Victor Frankenstein notes as he takes heed from his tiny attic window.

The Professor is a young well educated man, ghostly and pale with a cough that rattles his core. Everyday the professor endures the toxic vapours, alcohol fumes, naked flames and the wretched stench of rotting flesh that fills his laboratory of horrors. Surrounding him is his grousome stolen collection of assorted body parts, bloody limbs and innards sourced from dissecting rooms, grave yards and slaughter houses.

Consumed with the desire to discover the secret to life Victor Frankenstein needs your help to finally succeed in his mission to cheat death. You too could become an evangelist of modern science by using a combination of chemistry, alchemy, and electricity; but you must work fast to unfold to the world the deepest mysteries of creation, your monster must be complete in time for its regeneration just as the thunder strikes!”

Reanimation looked great, the smallest of the Trapp’d rooms we’ve played, but this didn’t detract from the set at all, it was beautiful to look at, with a wall full the professor’s dealings, but nothing out of place or that could be misconstrued as a red herring, with plenty of interesting things to look at.
Lighting was subtle, light enough to work round the room yet dim enough to create a good, immersive atmosphere.
A more intimate setting gave this the best feeling of all of trapp’d rooms, coupled with the huge Monster looming over you for the hour, this is the most immersive and detailed Trapp’d room we’ve experienced so far and was a wonderful room to spend the hour in.

Game Play:
A linear game that consisted of word, logic, observation, observational searching, physical and light mathematical puzzles.
This room leans a little towards the more word/logic puzzles.
The puzzles were all in theme for the room, and had wonderful, logical, clear ah-ha moments which were found with every single puzzle! A real delight and a clear step in the right direction for Trapp’d (Reanimation being one of their newer rooms, it only opened in January 2019) in terms of gameplay.
Each puzzle on its own was a delight to solve, there was one puzzle that was a little longwinded, but in a fun way that didn’t detract from the room at all.
Signposting was excellent, I must mention the feed-back on the maglocks, this was such a simplistic but lovely, in theme touch. Every time a maglock opened it had a little tingle-lingle bell attached so there was a definite audio cue that was SO rewarding. This is what mag-lock lack, this little bell (not unlike Pavlov’s… well without the drooling) was a perfect for on positive reinforcement (that one gets the the satisfying click of a padlock opening) – just wonderful.
Flow was lovely, coupled with the excellent signposting the game flowed with an ease and slickness that we have missed from all other Trapp’d games.
A great game that will be pleasing for enthusiasts and will challenge more casual players.

Clue System:
Clues were delivered via Voice Over

Game Host:
Simon was our game host, and he was fab and had a real enthusiasm for escaping. Delivering a great brief and perfectly timed clues throughout the game.

Did we escape?
Yes, in 40 minutes

Website: https://trappd.com/
2 Players £39
3 Players £49
4 Players £59
5 Players £69
6 Players £79

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