Tulley’s Escape Rooms – Dodge City

Tulley’s Escape Rooms – Dodge City
Location: Crawley
Game Date: 17/07/2019
Team: Amy & Ian


“Dodge City in 2127 remains a stronghold of the wild west. The constant tussle between the Sheriff and local gunslingers means there’s opportunity abound for some creative bank robbery for those with wits and courage.

As a member of the Notorious ‘Barn Door’ Gang you’ve been caught by the local sheriff breaking into the bank. Locked away with little hope, hired by an unnamed outlaw and facing the ruthless justice of the old west you’re left with only one option.

As the sun sets the race is on to break out, reclaim your supplies, pull off the bank job of the century and get out of Dodge City.”

Tulleys have done it again! Well know for their immense set design, Tulley’s certainly didn’t disappoint.
A fully immersive and 360° set that really captured the feel of a western town. Whilst each individual section of the game wasn’t massive they all linked together in a way that gave the game a sense of expanse and exploration.
The set was built to the highest quality, utilising different levels, nooks and crannies to create a believable and realistic environment.
The addition of a good soundtrack and excellent lighting elevated this room to a higher level than one normally finds and will continue to prove that Tulley’s Escape Rooms are at the forefront of the escape room industry in the UK.
The room for the beginning stages may be a little squeezy for 8 players, but once into the belly of the beast, there is so much ground to cover I don’t think you’ll be in each other’s way too much. Lighting was never a problem in regards to game play in Dodge.

Game Play:

An open game that was utterly JAM PACKED full of puzzles. I’ll preface this by saying we played in a 2 and rarely were we solving puzzles together. The game demands that you divide and conquer and (especially in a 2) this is the only way that you stand a chance of beating Dodge!
Puzzles were incredibly varied and consisted of every conceivable type imaginable. Word, logic, physical, observational, math, searching, skill… there wasn’t a puzzle type that was overlooked.
Puzzles were exemplary in their logic and execution from the moment the game started. So you were really able to put confidence in the game. This matters so much in a game of dodges size and scope. The aha moments were clear and enjoyable. The puzzles were all perfectly on theme, and most of all a lot of fun!
Whilst the puzzles aren’t brain-busting the sheer number of them means the sense of exploration is immense. The flow is excellent, with the open nature of the game meaning that there’s always something to be getting on with and you’ll never find yourself slowing down or stopping at any moment.
Signposting is excellent and provided when needed and at other times the game leaves the player to make the connection, which works beautifully
A massive game, that doesn’t necessarily require that a team takes extra players (ie.play in your normal team size) as you really need your team work on point (and sometimes adding an extra player can tilt that about!) BUT the most important thing… bring your A game!

Clue System:
Clues were delivered via an intercom in the room

Game Host:
Michele was our host and she was wonderful, delivering a good brief and excellent clues that kept us moving forward through the room!

Did we escape?
Yes, in 55 minutes!

Website: https://www.tulleysescape.com/escape-rooms
Off Peak
2 Players £56
3 Players £78
4 Players £96
5 Players £110
6 Players £120
7 Players £133
8 Players £144

2 Players £60
3 Players £84
4 Players £104
5 Players £120
6 Players £132
7 Players £147
8 Players £160

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