Pier Pressure – Raver Quest

Pier Pressure – Raver Quest
Location: Brighton
Game Date: 18/07/2019
Team: Amy & Ian


“A unique fusion of interactive puzzles, games and high octane raving!

Raver Quest is high tech, high energy and high fun! Set in a 90s rave nightclub you have to interact with the technology, complete the mini-games and solve
the puzzles.

All set to an epic 90s dance music soundtrack.
Can you find out what has happened to your missing raver friends…

Mysterious things are going on at one of Brighton’s top nighttime hot spots, where raver after raver has been going missing during a night out there. Your team decide to investigate, but soon realise the rabbit hole goes far deeper than first expected… Can you save the day?”

Raver Quest just looks cool, grungy, dark, neon, graffiti. Granted I wasn’t the biggest raver back in the day (you could find me in the pop-punk floor of the local rock club) but the feeling of being in a club was there in SPADES in this room!
A good soundtrack, that was played at a sensible level (not too loud as to have to shout) of the best 90s “tunes” – the songs chosen were very accessible and despite my alternative nature I knew most of them and could have a boogie!
A large room that is incredibly well geared to a party crowd, Raver Quest knows its audience and the room is pitched perfectly to that!
All-round fun, dance, and puzzles! Every night out should start in an escape room! Funky!

Game Play:
A game that started linear, then BOOM TWIST it was an open game. This is certainly a game of 2 halves and both aim to please, with the first half consisting of searching, observation and logic. Then later in the game, this expanded to visual, aural, skill, & physical. The range and scope in the puzzles were unique and aimed to be fun, fun, fun, so there was nothing too taxing.
A different slant on the norm, yet every single puzzle was perfectly in theme and had fun ah-ha moments!
The logic in the puzzles was excellent and we were always safe and secure in how the puzzles functioned and led to their answers.
There was a moment in this game (actually there were a few) where the game took an unexpected turn and this was incredibly refreshing and delivered story and even more FUN into the game.
The signposting was impeccable, making this a room that almost plays itself. With enough to guide but not handhold or stall.
The flow was excellent, smooth and there were no sticky points or misdirection throughout the game.
A brilliant party game that at the core has a great story, and fun puzzles. Add to that the dance soundtrack and funky decor, it creates a unique game that I can imagine is incredibly popular with stags and hens!

Clue System:
Clues were delivered via an LCD scrolling screen!

Game Host:
Argh, I can’t remember our hosts name, But he was a cool “world famous” DJ who set the scene brilliantly with an engaging and humerous story and delivered our (one and only) clue with precision timing!

Did we escape?
Yes, in about 50 minutes

Website: https://pierpressure.co.uk
2 Players £60
3 Players £84
4 Players £104
5 Players £120
6 Players £132



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