Pier Pressure – Loot the Lanes

Pier Pressure – Loot the Lanes
Location: Brighton
Game Date: 18/07/2018
Team: Amy & Ian

Loot the lanes is a 4 player game, due to our experience the team at Pier Pressure kindly allowed to attempt it as a 2, would we succeed?


“Few people know about the Brighthelm Diamond, a jewel of epic value. It was purchased by four of Brighton’s most influential developers and has been hidden, for if ever the city was in dire need.

But now, Brighton is in danger of losing it, as its whereabouts have been revealed to the worst kind of people. It is only a matter of time before it is stolen and auctioned off. You must break into the jeweller where it is hidden and save the treasure for the sake of the city.

Can you and your team pull off this heroic heist to save a part of Brighton heritage?”

Loot the Lanes is stunning. STUNNING. Whilst being a relatively small space it never felt cramped, as the shops opening up from the REAL cobbled street make the space feel large.
The finish to the decoration is stunning, with the shoppe frontage lovingly hand sign written and the attention to detail within the shops is second to none.
This creates a sense of absolute immersion and it’s easy to imagine you’re in the lanes themselves, not under a shop!
The story was woven well into the game and I’m sure for a local there are many, many more nods and details that I missed within the set and game!
A truely beautiful game that captures the victorian feeling and is evocative of times gone by, yet still remaining current and modern. Gorgeous.

Game Play:
A game that eloquently swayed between open and linear to fit the game. With a full range of puzzles, word, searching, observation, math, logic, physical, skill, teamwork, dexterity, aural. There really was almost every single type of puzzle that you could imagine, meaning that that every single team member will get their time to shine!
Each and every puzzle was perfectly in theme and the sense of discovery throughout the game was excellent, a lot of other games would have you open a shop… do the puzzles and move on… not Loot the Lanes, we were bouncing from shop to shop in what at times felt like a frantic choreographed escape dance!
The logic in the puzzles was superb, clear and concise. With exciting ah-ha moments that would send even the calmest players running to get that lock open!
The flow, whilst fast-paced was clean and smooth, with there being no sticking points and the only time we slowed was when our overthinking got in the way.
Signposting was near perfect, with there being just enough to guide but not to be oversaturating or confusing. Sublime.
The game has some real stand out and unique puzzles, obviously we are not going to delve into spoiler territory, but the clever twists in the puzzles and how they interact within the room itself is second to none.
A game that tests the nerve and brains of all its players. Take your A-team!

Clue System:
Clues were delivered in a very British manner, through the telephone!

Game Host:
Phil, Aka “Charles” was our host, deliciously in character, he had an air of Willy Wonka about him with a cheeky personality that delivered excellent clues throughout the hour with just enough wit and sass to really entertain us!

Did we escape?
Yes..just… well we went 41 seconds over (but who’s counting and we still garnered a win!)

Website: https://pierpressure.co.uk
4 Players £104
5 Players £120
6 Players £132
7 Players £154
8 Players £176
9 Players £198

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